Thursday, July 29, 2010

35mm slide scanner

After using this little device for all of 5 seconds, I decided I needed to
write a review. I agree with the other reviewers as of this date. This is very
simple to set up and use, and the negative scanning goes rather quickly. Much
more quickly than scanning them with my flat bed scanner (which I do love!).
Overall really good quality - well worth the $100 spent! All of the photos I
scanned turned out wonderfully - full of color, exactly like the photo sitting
next to the computer. I even ended up with a few more pictures since some of the
negatives were cut, and now I have access to those photos! Some of the photos my
parents scanned ended up with a bluish tint. I'm not sure if that was simply the
lighting in the shot itself. If you have knowledge of Photoshop you can tweak
your photos after the scan.

If you are thinking about buying this scanner, one hundred dollars is an
inexpensive way to save such precious memories. My parents were able to scan so
many photos. I cried as I looked through all of them, especially the photos of
people we have lost along the way. Negatives aren't going to last forever, and
neither are photos. Going digital to preserve your memories is something I
highly recommend, and I highly recommend using this scanner to do so.
35mm slide scanner

Bushnell spotting scope store

Bushnell Elite 20 - 60x80 Zoom Angled Spotting Scope... your best friend on
the hunt! Every detail spells Scope perfection! Setting new, high standards of
clarity and dependability, you can't go wrong with this Scope! Its ED Prime
Extra-Low Dispersion Fluorite glass and premium BaK-4 porro prisms offer
extraordinary brightness and color fidelity. You'll hunt more successfully with
this Scope, and our price won't flatten your wallet! Features and
specifications: ED prime extra-low dispersion glass; Protective Rainguard
feature; 100% waterproof; O-ring sealed and nitrogen-purged to keep out
moisture; BaK-4 prism glass; fully multi-coated lens; Tough armored body ;
20-60x zoom eyepiece; Protective case; Retractable sunshade; Camera adaptable;
Magnification x objective lens 20-60x80; Field of view at 100 yards 98' at 20x;
50 at 60x; Close focus 15'; Exit pupil 4.1 mm at 20x; 1.4 mm at 60x.; Length 17;
Weight 53 ozs.; More hits, less misses... order your Elite Spotting Scope today!
Bushnell Elite 20-60x80 Zoom Angled Spotting Scope
bushnell spotting scope

Emerald cut diamond ring

These engagement rings require a four-prong setting, and look best either as
solitaires or with smaller accent stones. Because they are less expensive than
other diamonds, you can usually afford to select a larger sized stone that you
normally would...never a bad option to have!Emerald cut engagement rings make an
elegant choice for the woman who wants a ring that reflects her unique beauty
and taste...and for the man who wants to give his future wife the best ring he
can, without breaking his budget or compromising on quality to do it.emerald cut diamond ring

Flat screen tv stands

I was looking for a stand to mount my new 52" Sony LCD, and this item from
Amazon looked sharp and had a good price.

A tip of my hat to the reviewer who assembled this in 1 hour - it took me closer
to 3, but admittedly I am no handyman.

It did take two people to mount the TV once the stand was mostly assembled, but
I guess with some imagination a person could do it alone. I would not want to
risk damaging my new $1500 TV. Since I know my limitations, I took my time, read
the directions carefully, with very few missteps. The extra hardware included
would make it possible to mount virtually any kind of flat panel TV; LCD or
plasma. I've seen it advertised for a mount for a 46" TV, but my 52" looks
great, and this stand is heavy and solid enough to support a TV several inches
larger. The metal and fiberboard top is pained a shiny black, and the finish
really does look like it could be on a piano. The glass shelves offer plenty of
room and sturdiness for any components you might want to add, and the horizontal
swivel is a big plus.

There are of a variety of mounting heights. The bottom of my TV is the minimum
24" off the floor, but it could have gone about a foot higher. The price does
fluctuate. I paid closer to 2 Bens than 3, and I would recommend watching it
until it hits that price point, with free shipping.
flat screen tv stands

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Solar panels for sale

The product does what it said it does. Measured the voltage on a sunny day on
a single panel and it put out about 20VDC. You could imagine what four of the
panels can collect. The panel is now on the roof of the house collecting some
sun for the battery. Even through the rainy weather it still collects whatever
it can, so far so good. As a precaution of the wiring on the connectors I bound
the two with wire tape to keep the water out and so far it works. I will go
check the wiring later in the months and see if the wires are affected by rainy
weather. Although, the inverter is a modified sine and putting out about 200
watts. The fan is a bit noisy, for the moment I don't mind it. The inverter is
outside of the house and I'm inside. I have done some additional test to on the
inverter, and the hertz is not stable and it does fluctuate a lot. I don't know
how bad this is, but I have read some articles that fluctuating hertz can harm
any devices that need constant hertz. (normally I get about 40hz - 45hz, and not
the usual 60hz from an outlet)
Buy solar panels for sale

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Clic Glasses Store.

I have a very small, narrow face. I'm a very petite woman - so these work for
me - but I also have long hair. So when you snap the front together and pull the
glasses up over your nose, because the "tether" is so stiff - it fights with my
hair. And the option to leave them on the outside of my long hair isn't an
option. So these are a great idea, if the tether was a bit softer or more
flexible and/or they adjusted much longer. It would be great for a man with a
small head or face - as they don't really give you much lee-way. I opened them
up to the largest adjustment possible so they fit me - but again - I am small.
So this would not be something for a large woman or your average male.

I do love the idea that they pull apart and then snap together - because when I
left them open on my neck - and I was wearing a scarf, no one even knew they
were there and they really can be convenient. So just some tweaking and these
would be the dream reading glasses!
Clic glasses

Closet shoe organizer

I purchased several of these to try to form some semblance of order out of a
chaotic closet with enough shoes to rival Imelda Marcos. This shoe bag is
terrific as far as the size of its shoe pockets - I have been able to fit a pair
of size 7 1/2 women's shoes in each pocket including pairs of shoe boots. For
size 10 1/2 men's shoes, only one shoe fits in each pocket but this is a vast
improvement over previous shoe bags. The material that comprises it seems to be
sturdy and well constructed however it is not heavy and may not have the
durability of duck canvas. My previous shoe bags were nylon and lasted about
four years before the pockets began to slowly rip away. The problem I have with
these shoe bags is that one can hang it on a closet rod via the hanger as shown
in the pix, however, I prefer to hang these on a wall or the back of a door.
There are metal "over the door" pieces that are to be used for this purpose,
however, they are not fashioned well. I could not close the door using these
pieces. Instead, I substituted the "over the door" metal pieces from my previous
shoe bags and they worked well. Now I have used up all my former shoe bag metal
pieces and am trying to figure out how to hang the newest shoe bag. I think one
will need to use needle nose pliers to bend the metal into a more usable shape.
It is unfortunate that this one aspect detracts from my review since other than
this complaint, I am very pleased. Recommend with caution - you may need to
modify the hanging mechanisms.
closet shoe organizer