Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ice climbing gear

Ice climbing gear , I actually bought this product at an REI and it looks like it's a few bucks cheaper here. I have to say though, that as a novice hiker, I have gotten tons
of use out of these. It's worth getting the more durable material you find on these crampons so you only have to buy them once and so you're not stuck out on the trail with a busted strap, as I keep seeing other hikers ending up with here
in the Colorado Rockies. These beauties help on snow, ice, loose pebbles and
even up and down bare rock! I can't believe how much easier my hiking has gotten
and how much more quickly my endurance is improving now that I'm concerning
myself more with getting to the next rise rather than not slippng and falling.
The reason I'm giving a 4 instead of a 5 is that they are a tad difficult to
figure out at first. This is probably just because I'm new to the whole hiking
scene and I'm sure a more experienced person would have no problem with them,
but the instructions could be a little more clear I think. Even after the girl
at the store showed us how to put them on, it still took about 15 minutes the
first few times of just messing around with them before I got them on right. In
fact, the first time, I was about to throw them back in the car when they just
magically popped onto my boot the right way. It does get easier though, and
they're so so so worth it.

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