Sunday, July 18, 2010

Small charcoal grill

Small charcoal grill
I've already used some of their other products; they sure represent a good
synthesis of form and function, and built to last a lifetime; that's why I
decided to invest in their outclass grill.Starting the fire was a matter of
minutes with the fire chimney (a very worthwhile accessory) then a nice feature
was the dual cooking zone which enables you to cook your meat and vegetables at
the same time.Given good recipes, throw in the best ingredients, the rest is up
to you :I mean watching , because there lies the secret of barbecuing .Eva solo
grill then delivers first class results.Sure my former barbecue was as capable
when used to roast a chicken (indirect cooking) but in the whole I feel the eva
solo a better performer to cook precisely.

Using only stainless steel throughout the design has obvious advantages,one
being minimal care and keeping indefinitely its natural appearance (Ijust gave
it a layer of special oil they use in professional kitchens)and easy cleaning of
the grate, which translate into a nice impression of staying like new.

The sides remain relatively cool in use due to a layer of air circulating around
the fire place , thus increasing safety.

There is as for myself a minor gripe: the rods protuding ,used a a peg for both
tong and spatula are too short (risk of dropping them) half an inch more in both
directions would have been perfect , but then it might have hurt the design.A
most remarkable addition to your patio or deck , the eva solo outclass is
definitely a fantastic piece of kit: some would say a work of art?

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