Thursday, July 22, 2010

patio heaters

Different settings require a different heater configuration. Some outdoor
patio heaters will circulate the heat in a circular motion. Sport heaters will
focus heat in the direction in which they are pointed. Each type of patio heater
also comes in different types of options. Spot heaters may be portable or
mounted by brackets. Outdoor Patio heaters are available in a variety of
configurations including tabletop, ceiling mount or permanent in-ground mounts.
What type of surrounding are you needing to provide heat for? Outdoor patio
heaters will provide a 20-foot diameter heating area. This heat circulates
evenly over that area. Sport heaters provide heat directly to an object without
heating the surrounding area. Spot heaters are sometimes mounted above an area
or can be placed on the floor. Outdoor patio heaters will accent the d├ęcor of
any outdoor restaurant, hotel, resort or backyard patio. Spot heaters can be
used indoors as well as outdoors, hover, they tend to have a more industrial
look to them. Either heater styles will work very well depending upon your
setting. A warehouse type setting is ideal for the use of spot heaters, while
patio heaters work best outdoors.patio heaters

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