Thursday, July 29, 2010

35mm slide scanner

After using this little device for all of 5 seconds, I decided I needed to
write a review. I agree with the other reviewers as of this date. This is very
simple to set up and use, and the negative scanning goes rather quickly. Much
more quickly than scanning them with my flat bed scanner (which I do love!).
Overall really good quality - well worth the $100 spent! All of the photos I
scanned turned out wonderfully - full of color, exactly like the photo sitting
next to the computer. I even ended up with a few more pictures since some of the
negatives were cut, and now I have access to those photos! Some of the photos my
parents scanned ended up with a bluish tint. I'm not sure if that was simply the
lighting in the shot itself. If you have knowledge of Photoshop you can tweak
your photos after the scan.

If you are thinking about buying this scanner, one hundred dollars is an
inexpensive way to save such precious memories. My parents were able to scan so
many photos. I cried as I looked through all of them, especially the photos of
people we have lost along the way. Negatives aren't going to last forever, and
neither are photos. Going digital to preserve your memories is something I
highly recommend, and I highly recommend using this scanner to do so.
35mm slide scanner

Bushnell spotting scope store

Bushnell Elite 20 - 60x80 Zoom Angled Spotting Scope... your best friend on
the hunt! Every detail spells Scope perfection! Setting new, high standards of
clarity and dependability, you can't go wrong with this Scope! Its ED Prime
Extra-Low Dispersion Fluorite glass and premium BaK-4 porro prisms offer
extraordinary brightness and color fidelity. You'll hunt more successfully with
this Scope, and our price won't flatten your wallet! Features and
specifications: ED prime extra-low dispersion glass; Protective Rainguard
feature; 100% waterproof; O-ring sealed and nitrogen-purged to keep out
moisture; BaK-4 prism glass; fully multi-coated lens; Tough armored body ;
20-60x zoom eyepiece; Protective case; Retractable sunshade; Camera adaptable;
Magnification x objective lens 20-60x80; Field of view at 100 yards 98' at 20x;
50 at 60x; Close focus 15'; Exit pupil 4.1 mm at 20x; 1.4 mm at 60x.; Length 17;
Weight 53 ozs.; More hits, less misses... order your Elite Spotting Scope today!
Bushnell Elite 20-60x80 Zoom Angled Spotting Scope
bushnell spotting scope

Emerald cut diamond ring

These engagement rings require a four-prong setting, and look best either as
solitaires or with smaller accent stones. Because they are less expensive than
other diamonds, you can usually afford to select a larger sized stone that you
normally would...never a bad option to have!Emerald cut engagement rings make an
elegant choice for the woman who wants a ring that reflects her unique beauty
and taste...and for the man who wants to give his future wife the best ring he
can, without breaking his budget or compromising on quality to do it.emerald cut diamond ring

Flat screen tv stands

I was looking for a stand to mount my new 52" Sony LCD, and this item from
Amazon looked sharp and had a good price.

A tip of my hat to the reviewer who assembled this in 1 hour - it took me closer
to 3, but admittedly I am no handyman.

It did take two people to mount the TV once the stand was mostly assembled, but
I guess with some imagination a person could do it alone. I would not want to
risk damaging my new $1500 TV. Since I know my limitations, I took my time, read
the directions carefully, with very few missteps. The extra hardware included
would make it possible to mount virtually any kind of flat panel TV; LCD or
plasma. I've seen it advertised for a mount for a 46" TV, but my 52" looks
great, and this stand is heavy and solid enough to support a TV several inches
larger. The metal and fiberboard top is pained a shiny black, and the finish
really does look like it could be on a piano. The glass shelves offer plenty of
room and sturdiness for any components you might want to add, and the horizontal
swivel is a big plus.

There are of a variety of mounting heights. The bottom of my TV is the minimum
24" off the floor, but it could have gone about a foot higher. The price does
fluctuate. I paid closer to 2 Bens than 3, and I would recommend watching it
until it hits that price point, with free shipping.
flat screen tv stands

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Solar panels for sale

The product does what it said it does. Measured the voltage on a sunny day on
a single panel and it put out about 20VDC. You could imagine what four of the
panels can collect. The panel is now on the roof of the house collecting some
sun for the battery. Even through the rainy weather it still collects whatever
it can, so far so good. As a precaution of the wiring on the connectors I bound
the two with wire tape to keep the water out and so far it works. I will go
check the wiring later in the months and see if the wires are affected by rainy
weather. Although, the inverter is a modified sine and putting out about 200
watts. The fan is a bit noisy, for the moment I don't mind it. The inverter is
outside of the house and I'm inside. I have done some additional test to on the
inverter, and the hertz is not stable and it does fluctuate a lot. I don't know
how bad this is, but I have read some articles that fluctuating hertz can harm
any devices that need constant hertz. (normally I get about 40hz - 45hz, and not
the usual 60hz from an outlet)
Buy solar panels for sale

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Clic Glasses Store.

I have a very small, narrow face. I'm a very petite woman - so these work for
me - but I also have long hair. So when you snap the front together and pull the
glasses up over your nose, because the "tether" is so stiff - it fights with my
hair. And the option to leave them on the outside of my long hair isn't an
option. So these are a great idea, if the tether was a bit softer or more
flexible and/or they adjusted much longer. It would be great for a man with a
small head or face - as they don't really give you much lee-way. I opened them
up to the largest adjustment possible so they fit me - but again - I am small.
So this would not be something for a large woman or your average male.

I do love the idea that they pull apart and then snap together - because when I
left them open on my neck - and I was wearing a scarf, no one even knew they
were there and they really can be convenient. So just some tweaking and these
would be the dream reading glasses!
Clic glasses

Closet shoe organizer

I purchased several of these to try to form some semblance of order out of a
chaotic closet with enough shoes to rival Imelda Marcos. This shoe bag is
terrific as far as the size of its shoe pockets - I have been able to fit a pair
of size 7 1/2 women's shoes in each pocket including pairs of shoe boots. For
size 10 1/2 men's shoes, only one shoe fits in each pocket but this is a vast
improvement over previous shoe bags. The material that comprises it seems to be
sturdy and well constructed however it is not heavy and may not have the
durability of duck canvas. My previous shoe bags were nylon and lasted about
four years before the pockets began to slowly rip away. The problem I have with
these shoe bags is that one can hang it on a closet rod via the hanger as shown
in the pix, however, I prefer to hang these on a wall or the back of a door.
There are metal "over the door" pieces that are to be used for this purpose,
however, they are not fashioned well. I could not close the door using these
pieces. Instead, I substituted the "over the door" metal pieces from my previous
shoe bags and they worked well. Now I have used up all my former shoe bag metal
pieces and am trying to figure out how to hang the newest shoe bag. I think one
will need to use needle nose pliers to bend the metal into a more usable shape.
It is unfortunate that this one aspect detracts from my review since other than
this complaint, I am very pleased. Recommend with caution - you may need to
modify the hanging mechanisms.
closet shoe organizer

Monday, July 26, 2010

Chenille braided rug

Wool area rugs can be found in such a variety of different sizes and styles
that almost any interior could be matched with a good fit. The Alma collection
from Chandra Rugs offers high quality products that are traditional in material
and shape, yet contemporary in design. They are the perfect modern accessories
for a room that needs a bold touch. Designs are geometric but subtle enough to
avoid the risk of taking over a room. Color schemes tend to be quieter, earthy
tones, and all styles are made of 100% hand-tufted New Zealand wool. For an
exotic statement, consider the Chandra Amazon collection, which features blended
wool area rugs with five different styles of animal prints such as zebra and
leopard. This choice is on the adventurous side and should be paired with more
reserved décor to maintain a good balance. These area rugs may not be a good
pick for a family room, but they are perfect for a bachelor or bachelorette pad.chenille braided rug

Braided wool rugs

New Zealand wool rugs come in varying sizes and myriad patterns. They are
plush, soft and luxurious. As New Zealand wool lends itself well to dyeing, New
Zealand wool rugs have long lasting colors. They are available in both
traditional and contemporary designs. A bright white base which plays up all
colors is used to create all kinds of vibrant and stylish New Zealand wool rugs.
Good quality rugs use color fast and stain resistant yarns.New Zealand wool rugs
can be either hand-tufted or machine woven. Their quality, thickness and density
also differ due to this factor. Typically, handmade rugs are thicker and denser
than machine woven ones. If properly maintained, wool rugs can last for 6 to 10
years depending upon the quality of the rugs.
braided wool rugs

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Commercial crepe maker

Do you like to have crepes for breakfast every morning? Or are you someone
who loves to have crepes for a snack, for dessert and during any time of the
day? Do you like your crepes lathered with honey and topped with blueberries or
do you like to eat them plain with butter? No matter when and how you like your
crepes, you can never make the perfect crepe if you don't have the right
commercial crepe maker. Some people use regular pans to make their crepes, but
they often find that it can be difficult to achieve the right texture and
quality of the crepes using an ordinary pan. A crepe maker is a round griddle
that features non-stick properties. You can use it with its own heating device,
or you can simply put in on top of a stove. Because it heats up faster, aluminum
is used on most crepe makers.
commercial crepe maker

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Clic Glasses

I have four pairs of CliC adjustable glasses. Prior to purchasing the CliCs,
I owned several pairs of reading glasses and had them all over the house, in the
car, at the office, in the garage, etc. Even then, when I went to reach for a
pair of readers, I could not find them. With the CliCs, I always have them
hanging around my neck. There are always present and available. When I am around
friends or even strangers that are unfamiliar with the CliC glasses, they are
always amazed at when I put them on. The click of the magnets makes them take a
second look and then they remark at how cool they are. Several of my friends
have purchased the glasses from Amazon after observing them on me. My first set
were blue, which I did not particularly like. My last three pair have been
clear, which makes them just about disappear from my face. I would highly
recommend these glasses to anyone in need of readers.
clic glasses

Bathroom space saver cabinet

BC186W This above-toilet hutch is perfect for maximizing storage space in a
small bathroom. Store towels, soap, paper products, and other toiletries neatly
without using valuable floor space. Features: -Space saver -Easy assembly -White
finish Dimensions and Specifications: -42 lbs. -67.625''H x 25''W x 7.875''D
About Ameriwood For over a decade, Ameriwood Furniture has produced innovative,
high quality furniture for office and home use. Their specialty is home office
and entertainment, and their wide range of products offer great value. Ameriwood
Furniture is a subsidiary of Carina/SystemBuild, a manufacturer of
ready-to-assemble furniture specializing in Storage, Bath, and Closet Organizing
furniture. bathroom space saver cabinet

Atlas snowshoes

Finding a good trail to snowshoe is as easy as finding a good hiking trail.
In most cases trails that can be hiked in the summer will make good choices for
snowshoeing as long as they are not too steep. The most important factor is
navigating. While many trails are well marked in the summer, winter brings a
blanket of white that covers the obvious path you may be used to. The other
common navigating obstacle is fresh snow. Some snowshoe trails may be very
popular and well marked from previous snowshoers or cross-country skiers, but
after a fresh dump of snow, it is more challenging to stay on the trail. Other
hidden dangers may include ponds, rivers, hidden drop-offs that are not
discernable while snow covered. Keep in mind that you generally cannot cover as
many miles snowshoeing as you can hiking so pace yourself and give yourself
plenty of time to enjoy the surrounding beauty and solitude that winter brings. 
Popular snowshoe trails in Colorado can be found in most areas of the state. 
Many Colorado mountain towns have ski areas or Nordic centers that offer groomed
trails for both snowshoers and cross-country skiers. atlas snowshoes

Friday, July 23, 2010

Crepe maker machine

I wanted to make dessert crepes and purchased this because of the price. This
baby works like a charm! Takes about 5 minutes to heat up and man it gets hot!
For best results, put it on level 2 or 3 and pour the batter right in the
center. That way you got time to spread the batter around the surface before it
firms up. Try to control the thickness of the crepe because you don't want it
spongy. You want it as thin as possible.

Other points to note:

1. The only way to clean it is to use a cloth and wipe the surface clean.

2. The included spreader is very good. Maybe a bit too big for it, but it works

3. You don't need to buy a wooden spatula or anything like that. A regular
plastic spatula works great. The crepes don't stick to the surface even without
spray or butter.

4. The edge of the surface is elevated. This is not like traditional, larger
crepe makers which are totally flat allowing for the crepe to be handled by a
straight spatula. This isn't a downside though because it can keep the batter
from dripping down the side. Overall this is an amazing crepe maker for the
money. You won't be disappointed.
crepe maker machine

Bathroom storage cabinets

There is also a very smart high cabinet in white in this range and if your
bathroom is quite small it's always best to use the storage space available
above the floor, so you can keep the limited floor space free. The high bathroom
storage cabinet measures 59" x 15" x 11.75" and has three useful shelves over a
base cabinet. It looks clean and fresh and you can buy it from online for
$169.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond online.My next choice is something that will add
a touch of ancient Greek style to your bathroom design ideas. It has a classical
look combined with the contemporary which will fit in any modern bathroom. This
white cabinet has a cupboard with half the door in glass and the other half
decorated with a Greek key-molding and will match any bathroom curtains. It's
made from MDF and has metal hardware. The dimensions are 32" x 16" x 13" and the
three shelves provide plenty of room for towels or toiletries. The Greek Key
bathroom storage cabinet costs $104.63 from The Homewares' Place online.bathroom storage cabinets

Bathroom wall cabinets

Contrary to what another reviewer states, the holes to attach the cabinet to
the wall are not in the particleboard. They are in the wooden structure of the
cabinet, just above the particleboard. The thin backing has no impact on the
structure of this whatsoever. I just purchased and assembled this and am quite
pleased with how it looks, and how sturdy it is. Assembly is annoying, because
you're dealing with wet glued dowels which makes the cabinet wobbly until you
get the screws locked. But if you've conquered as much 'assembly required'
furniture as I have - this was practically a breeze. One thing I would mention
is that I did find it cheaper somewhere else online, so do a search first!
bathroom wall cabinets

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fiberglass step ladders

Wing Enterprises, the maker of the celebrated Little Giant Ladder System, has
recently launched this new line of ladders for home and professional use. This
innovative line of ladders, known as the Ultra Step, has been designed
specifically to provide a lightweight alternative for those who need a 5' - 8'
A-frame, and a ladder that can handle staircases or go vertically against walls
and corners. The Little Giant Ultra Step has a unique tripod-like design that
gives the ladder Little Giant stability while delivering significant reduction
in weight. Using the easy-to-use mechanisms well known to those who have ladders
from Wing's main lines, the ladder can adjust to fit staircases, sloping ground,
and ramps. Additionally, with the tripod leg in the vertical position, users can
get right up close to walls or corners, where with traditional A-frame ladders,
the higher you go, the further you are from your work space. As has been shown
in numerous tests and comparisons, safety and quality have always been a
priority at Little Giant. As such, the Ultra Step is rated up to 300 lbs, and
meets or exceeds all applicable OSHA and ANSI standards. This fiberglass version
of the Ultra Step is designed for use by those who need to work with electrical
components.fiberglass step ladders

Tubbs snowshoes

Designed and biomechanically engineered specifically for the natural stride
of women, the Tubbs women's Frontier snowshoes are ideal for users who want to
push beyond the boundaries of the entry-level category, but are still looking
for good value. The Frontier snowshoes offer better traction and a more
supportive binding than the entry-level Tubbs Xplore, giving you the stability
and control to confidently navigate uneven terrain. The Frontier is outfitted
with a women's-specific 6000 series aluminum body--a strong, lightweight frame
that's optimized to accommodate a woman's natural stride. The shoe's QuickStep
binding, meanwhile, includes a dual-pull system for easy adjustments and quick
entry and exit. And users will love the carbon-steel crampon system, which
offers both front and rear braking teeth for improved traction on uphill,
downhill, and side-hill terrain. As a result, the budget-friendly Frontier
snowshoe excels in packed snow, but also lets the user take on more challenging
terrain. tubbs snowshoes

Oval braided rug

Before getting the rug make sure that you decide what location that you want
to put the rug on. When a lot of traffic is going through then it's almost
always a good idea to pick a rug that has a dark color. Another thing to
consider is getting a rug that is resistant when it comes to stains. Some rugs
are stain resistant when others aren't. If there are children in the house or a
lot of guests, a stain resistant rug is really a very good thing to have.After
the rug is placed on the location that you want it on you'll see the difference
right away and be amazed at how it can change the room. It'll make the room look
like you worked very hard in it but all that was added was the oval braided rug.
Once you've had the rug for awhile it might need cleaning and you'll need to
read the instructions very carefully on how to clean the rug so nothing will
happen to it.oval braided rug

Bathroom floor cabinet

Loaded with folded towels, toiletries, or books, this slender floor cabinet
handsomely graces any bathroom, bedroom, or living room with its stylish and
space-saving presence. The unit's durable, engineered-wood construction glows
with a rich espresso finish, while its post-style legs and gently recessed side
paneling create a classic look. Equipped with a double-plated silver knob, the
cabinet's decoratively framed door closes to conceal stored contents behind
lovely, waffle-patterned glass paneling. Angular top molding and clean, modern
lines lend a sense of unmatched craftsmanship to the floor cabinet, which
requires some assembly and measures 13 by 13-1/2 by 30-1/2 inches.bathroom floor cabinet

Werner 6 fiberglass ladder

I have owned and worked on just about every ladder made, over many years, and I
have to say, this has got to be one of the safest, most stable ladders on the
market. It's a tad bit heavy, but well worth the extra lugging.It does take a
little to get used to, like I find myself debating as to which side to climb
down when standing straddled over the top, and it is wider when folded up, using
up more room in the construction trailer, but I plan to buy more over the years.
I bought a 6 footer and plan to buy another along with two 8 footers. Very
stable and works great to span scaffolding planks to. I highly recommend one,
especially to any contractor.
werner 6 fiberglass ladder

Round braided rug

Braided rugs come in many sizes, from the tiniest throw rug or welcome mat to
larger room pieces. Typically braided rugs are on the smaller side, but they can
easily fit into a larger room. Many people use braided rugs as a bathroom floor
rug. These rugs are durable, absorbent, and easily washable. They are a great to
use right outside the shower, because they can typically handle the abuse
without getting to ratty or slimy.Another great place for a small braided rug is
in front of the kitchen sink or counter. This is a great option for the same
reason the rug is useful in the bathroom: durability and absorbency.
Furthermore, braided rugs offer incredible comfort for long hours spent cooking.round braided rug

Electric crepe maker

After returning from Paris and having enjoyed the street vendor crepes, I
knew I had to have a crepe maker of my own. After doing some shopping, I was
surprised at how much crepe makers could cost. The CucinaPro was the only one
that I thought was worth the money before I ordered. Thankfully, I was right. It
makes great crepes and is easy to use. Even though is says it only has 5 temps,
there is a slide control for setting the temp so you can set the temp anywhere
in between the pre-printed numbers and really get the temp just where you need
it. The only thing that would make this better for me would be to improve the
skirt under the griddle. The skirt is made of a soft plastic that bends when you
pick up the grill. It you pick it up with two hands, the plastic is fine, but if
you try to pick it up with one hand, it bends quite a bit.
electric crepe maker

Fiberglass extension ladder

Very well made ladder. Very light (for it's size). Extending the ladder is
very easy, extension locks never hang up. D-rungs are huge improvement over
round designs (I do wish the rungs were a 1/4-1/2" wider.) I shopped around alot
before selecting the Werner and I felt they were very high quality construction.
It has proven to be very rugged and dependable in use.Minor cons - The upper
extension is located "in front" of lower extension so it is easy to miss the
transition rung (I have marked the lowest rung on the upper ladder with red
dyechem marking ink as a visual indicator of the transition point to avoid
missing the step). Note: All my older ladders are the reverse of this set-up
and, I think, this adds to my difficulty with this design.

My only other con is that you must stand on the "inside" (due to above design)
to use the extension rope, which makes adjusting the ladder to the correct
working height more difficult.Recommended accessory - Without a doubt the Werner
Quik Clip Stablizer is the greatest. The added stability and workspace at the
top of the ladder is outstanding. Takes less than 5 seconds to put on or take
off. No u-bolts or other attachment methods.
fiberglass extension ladder

Msr snowshoes

Well I'll give you a review of the actual product, and not the "Overall
Experience". I've snowshoed on Atlas, and Tubbs, and have to say the are by far
the best shoes out there. While others are sliding around on the steep, these
things are rock solid. Unlike the tube frame shoes that have small crampons
added, these are all crampon. The frame is made of one vertical piece with a
serrated edge, it acts like a huge crampon and digs into the snow and ice. This
works great during steep traverses. The ascent bar is a nice feature, but its a
little hard to pull them up, especially when wearing gloves. I usually don't
bother with them unless its a long ascent. Might have to figure out a way to add
straps to them for pulling, as its almost impossible to get your fingers under
to raise them. A tip on sizing. I went with the 25's originally, but ended up
buying the 30's. I'm 6'2" and about 200lbs. They 25's were fine in fairly firm
snow with a light to no pack, but with a full pack and fresh powder, forget it.
I was post-holing like crazy. I'd say look at the MSR sizing chart, and if
you're falling in between sizes, go with the larger size. Make sure to add the
weight of your pack to the equation also. Overall I'm extremely happy with these
shoes, and I'm sure they will last a long while.
MSR snowshoes

patio heaters

Different settings require a different heater configuration. Some outdoor
patio heaters will circulate the heat in a circular motion. Sport heaters will
focus heat in the direction in which they are pointed. Each type of patio heater
also comes in different types of options. Spot heaters may be portable or
mounted by brackets. Outdoor Patio heaters are available in a variety of
configurations including tabletop, ceiling mount or permanent in-ground mounts.
What type of surrounding are you needing to provide heat for? Outdoor patio
heaters will provide a 20-foot diameter heating area. This heat circulates
evenly over that area. Sport heaters provide heat directly to an object without
heating the surrounding area. Spot heaters are sometimes mounted above an area
or can be placed on the floor. Outdoor patio heaters will accent the décor of
any outdoor restaurant, hotel, resort or backyard patio. Spot heaters can be
used indoors as well as outdoors, hover, they tend to have a more industrial
look to them. Either heater styles will work very well depending upon your
setting. A warehouse type setting is ideal for the use of spot heaters, while
patio heaters work best outdoors.patio heaters

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

cheap hammock stand

This is a great hammock, considering how little it cost. We were looking for
something that would go on an upstairs balcony without taking up the whole
place. This fit the bill nicely. Seems like it would work fine for anyone up
through the size of a fit adult male. I'm about 6' 1" and around 170 lbs, and it
works great for me, but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone TOO much larger. My
wife loves it. It isn't a traditional rope hammock, of course. But it does give
as you lie down on it, so that you feel cocooned in it as you should. Also sways
and rocks a bit, thanks to the short suspended chains at either end. The two
end-piece metal dowels were not in the box when it arrived. So I called the
customer service number on the instructions. A real person answered right away,
then transferred me immediately to someone who could help me. He was very
friendly, and he took my address down, shipped the missing parts immediately, no
questions asked, and a couple of days later I was good to go.
cheap hammock stand

propane heater

Decent value for the cost (Paid $175). Easy to assemble but the nuts/bolts
are poor quality. Be careful or you'll strip a stud! The aluminum look is
nice.Lighting the pilot and unit works every time. We used it for about 7 hours
and I swear my face felt a twinge of sunburn. We were comformtable sitting
around the heater however the effective heating distance in about 40 degrees is
6ft. On my next purchase, I'll get a heater that has a door around the cylinder
base to remove/replace the propane tank and to turn the propane on/off instead
of having to lift the base and hold it. I used the Prime overnight option for
$3.99 and the unit was delived by 10am the next morning - sweet!
propane heater

oil heater

I just got mine 12/2009. I was concerned with the potential smell based on
the other reviews. So when I got it I plugged in per directions in the garage on
High for three hours to burn off the coating, but also wiped off, vacuumed, and
blew off (with my air compressor) just in case. Put in room shortly thereafter
and there was a faint noticable smell when on the High setting, but not too bad.
Now I cannot notice anything. It definately helps the home keep a constant heat.
A good buy.

Also, you'd be hard pressed to actually burn yourself with this. It is hot
enough, but you'd have to keep your hand on it for a few seconds. we have kids
and they can touch it on High (ouch!) without getting a burn. I just takes one
time to learn. It's just enough to discourage play. A toddler could, i suppose,
possibly grab onto it and overturn it onto him/herself, but that'd be the only
way to get a significant burn and unlikely. I'm not worried. You probably
shouldn't be either, unless your kids are way below average intelligence, which
they may be if they wind up burning themselves with this. If they do, at least
you'll now know to put a cork at the end of their knives and forks, and possibly
bubble wrap their room. Of course one of your child's normal friends might
someday accidentally put some article of clothing on it, which would be natural
for a child to do, and that could possibly start a fire.We like it, anyway.oil heater

magnetic dart board

Magnetic dartboards are safe and fashionable. They are made keeping in mind
customer specifications. Two side magnetic dart boards increase the fun of the
dart game. This increases the activity with twelve darts. There is no need to
worry about damaging the walls while using the magnetic dartboard. Since it is
magnetic and made by using certain metals, it can be easily rolled off after
playing and can be stored comfortably.A magnetic dartboard can be made in
different colors and styles. They can be tailor-made to suit your house, a
sports club or the recreational room of your office. Magnetic dartboards are by
and large very safe. When ordered from a dealer or from a direct manufacturer,
the magnetic dartboard comes with a set of steel darts and a tubular case to
store. Being magnetic in nature, it can be used in the home by a family.
Moreover, after use it can be rolled and tucked away under your bed.magnetic dart board

film slide scanner

I received the viewer/converter in record time. The converter works
fantastically, so far. But when I looked at the picture of it, I saw a screen
that I would be able to use to look at the slide I was converting, but the part
that we see in the back of the machine, in the picture, is where you put in a
photo that you want to convert. It may just be my ignorance or oversight, but
once I got it, I saw that I would need an additional viewer to look at each
slide, in a larger, brighter scale, to determine which slides I would put into
the converter to make digital pictures. My family and friends are enjoying
looking at very old pictures of themselves and a good time is being had by all.
film slide scanner

Ninja climbing gear

After purchasing this grappling hook, I put it through a few tests, and was
very please with how it performed. The device easily supported my weight, which
I tested by throwing the grapple up and around a tree branch and swinging on it.
The four prongs are sharp, and grabbed the branch rather well. The grapple held
fast after a minute or two of holding my weight. I then tested it by climbing
about 15 feet up. The rope is thin, but strong, and provides a good grip for
climbing. While out hiking a few weeks ago with a friend, I decided to climb a
steep rock face, with some vegetation growing off it. I had almost made it to
the top, but a large boulder was in the way, so I decided to head back down. I
reached a point where the grade was too steep to descend, so I had my friend
take the grapple out of his pack and throw it up to me. I hooked both ends
together, and lowered myself down to the base of the slope. I was very glad to
have purchased this tool, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a solid
grappling hook. ninja climbing gear

Metrologic barcode scanner

Metrologic barcode scanner instruments are normally found in retail
businesses like grocery stores and pharmacies that may have a lot of items
stacked on the shelf. Some shoppers can get confused over the prices posted at
the bottom of each rack and some simply give up. It is not easy to buy
something, not knowing how much it would make a dent in a budget that has to be
watched over like a hawk. And it just takes a lot of time looking for someone to
help out and end up having to wait some more when that person also does not know
the price.The metrologic barcode scanner instruments are usually placed against
the wall or a shelf if there is only one or two to provide service for a number
of customers. Long lines may form in front of it, squabbles over who gets to use
it first, or disappearing scanners swiped by kids having the time of their lives
scanning everything they can in the store. There are times when staff or
managers have to settle difficulties over the use of the scanners that customers
are really beginning to enjoy using.
metrologic barcode scanner

Bluetooth barcode scanner

I have used this scanner for scanning the UPC codes on beer packages on site
in retail accounts. The initial setup was a little difficult. I gave it the ole'
college try and had to basically teach myself the ASCII language to program the
scanner, which in the end was interesting at the least. I had several questions
about the setup so I decided to call Wasp. The experience with the customer
support, although friendly, was not very useful. The customer service agent flat
out told me "I don't know" to my questions. Defiantly not something you want to
hear! If you don't know then who will? In the end I took the initiative and made
this scanner do what I needed it to do. I would recommend this product to anyone
in the market for one. The battery life is great. It is very light weight and
ergonomical. Be prepared for somewhat of a learning curve with ASCII.
bluetooth barcode scanner

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kerosene heater

I use this heater in my basement/workshop. Turning the unit on is an easy
straight forward process, although the siphon pump supplied to fill it with
kerosene works just a little under par. This little heater produces an amazing
amount of heat, and usually runs between 6 and 9 hours on a full tank. Most of
the reviews on Amazon are quite accurate. There isn't much adjustment in
flame(just right or wrong), it will occasionally set off my smoke detectors(but
there is no visible smoke), the handle is a little on the flimsy side(especially
when full of fuel), and finding K-1 grade kerosene can at times be a bit
troublesome. Two and a half gallons of kerosene costs about $13.00 at the local
hardware store. I wouldn't put this heater in the ultra efficient category, but
I believe most of the future buyers of this unit will find it a good value based
on its purchase price, and the amount of clean heat it produces.
kerosene heater

Dart board cabinet

I purchased this dartboard/cabinet for my apartment for added entertainment.
The product was shipped to me in the original box with no additional packaging.
The corners of the box were completely ripped off, and the doors have cracks
running vertically through them from the top to the bottom. I'm lazy, and since
you can't see them while the board is hanging, I didn't bother to return it. The
darts are fine for what I use it for, and the board seems fine too, except that
a lot of darts fall out (not bounce off, although the wires are held on with
staples, so a lot of darts bounce off too) of the area in an around the
bullseye. I think this is because the screw you add to the back of the board to
hang it causes the bristles inside to become more compact, requiring a more
forceful throw to get the dart deep enough to stay in. Throws farther away from
the bullseye stay in the board with no problems.
Dart board cabinet

Photo slide scanner

I needed to scan and sort through thousands of family slides and negatives
dating back to the 1940s, most of which I figured were medium to low quality,
either poor image originally or due to degradation over time. My goal: To
digitize "keepers" and those that need some editing or improvement using PE8. I
wanted to do this quickly and cheaply, acknowledging very few images would be
"National Geographic quality," with the rest being more nostalgic to my family
and friends when viewed on-screen (or printed -- The scans print well up to 8x10
inches). This Wolverine scanner costing about $100 met (and is still meeting)
all my expectations: reasonable image quality, easy to use, small footprint, and
cheap. Setup took a few reads of the manual, but was not tedious. Use, once
"down-pat," is almost a Zen-like process: place slides or negatives in holder,
turn on the scanner, scan each image (up to 25 when using internal storage),
transfer to PC (via USB cable), rename image files, and repeat for more images.
Using an SD card increases the number of images scanned per "cycle," which is OK
if you recognize all the images or plan on renaming them later. I am
particularly impressed by the quality of negative scans, both color and B&W --
so easy and fast, too. The scanner's small preview screen is clear enough to
identify those not worth scanning, saving time. Scans take seconds, even
including the time it takes to save each image. OK, enough praise. The main
down-side is exposure. You can watch the scanner trying to find the best light
intensity before you press the "OK" button, and most of the time the resulting
image is adequate or better (sometimes the detail is amazing). But it will burn
out highlight areas in high contract images, although many I corrected
sufficiently in PE8. If I decide an image is exceptional, I save the slide or
film until I can scan it on a friend's scanner that costs hundreds of dollars
more to obtain a higher resolution and better contrast. Summary: I got what I
paid for, and the Wolverine scanner is exactly what I needed and expected.Photo slide scanner

Slide and negative scanner

While researching slide scanners, my gut told me to go with the Imagelab
because it stood alone from the computer, no software required, could operate on
batteries, came with 2 trays each for slides and negatives, could save images on
an SD card and was compact.

In spite of all these positives, I went with the ION because it was a few
dollars cheaper. Unfortunately, the ION went back to the store because, even
though the box and software instructions indicated it was compatible with wasn't! (The software is from another company and you have to pay for
support.) So now back to why I'm so happy with the Imagelab. I had a variety of
slides and negatives of various ages and conditions. It is very easy to use and
once you get into a routine of loading, scanning, and unloading the trays you
can zip through boxes of slides in no time! There's the flexibility to save
pictures directly on the computer (no software needed) or on an SD card. If
needed, there is limited space to save pictures on the Imagelab (and then
transfer to the computer using the USB cable provided). Another plus of the
Imagelab is the "Viewing Window" where you can see the image you're scanning and
even review all the ones you've scanned.
slide and negative scanner

Hammock chair stand

Hammock chair stand
I really like this product and use it daily even at my 208 pound weight. After
looking at numerous chair stands I decided to go with this model. I didn't like
the more expensive ones that have one arm to connect the hammock chair. It just
didn't appear as stable as this one. Also, I wanted something that was heavy (50
pounds), made of durable steel (not plastic) and had very simple setup and few
parts. After 5 minutes of setup, I wondered if there was something else I needed
to do, being that I'm the type of person who always has extra parts when
assembling and rarely uses the instructions. For me, this is a fantastic buy for
the price. The only down side of it is that it only comes in a white color. My
wife swings too far back and the front comes off the ground 1/2 an inch and when
she goes forward the exposed gray steel moves up a little. The exposed steel
works well as the flexibility to smoothly rock the swing.

Ice climbing gear

Ice climbing gear , I actually bought this product at an REI and it looks like it's a few bucks cheaper here. I have to say though, that as a novice hiker, I have gotten tons
of use out of these. It's worth getting the more durable material you find on these crampons so you only have to buy them once and so you're not stuck out on the trail with a busted strap, as I keep seeing other hikers ending up with here
in the Colorado Rockies. These beauties help on snow, ice, loose pebbles and
even up and down bare rock! I can't believe how much easier my hiking has gotten
and how much more quickly my endurance is improving now that I'm concerning
myself more with getting to the next rise rather than not slippng and falling.
The reason I'm giving a 4 instead of a 5 is that they are a tad difficult to
figure out at first. This is probably just because I'm new to the whole hiking
scene and I'm sure a more experienced person would have no problem with them,
but the instructions could be a little more clear I think. Even after the girl
at the store showed us how to put them on, it still took about 15 minutes the
first few times of just messing around with them before I got them on right. In
fact, the first time, I was about to throw them back in the car when they just
magically popped onto my boot the right way. It does get easier though, and
they're so so so worth it.

Handheld barcode scanner

Handheld barcode scanner , There is not just one type of scanner; there are actually a few different types of barcode machine. Corded scanners are one type of handheld
scanner and these handheld scanners have a cord that attaches the scanner to a power source. The disadvantage to this type of handheld barcode scanner is that it can only be used within the vicinity of the cord. If you are looking for more
flexibility, then you could pay a little more and get a nice, new wireless
barcode scanning machine. A wireless handheld scanner is virtually the same
thing as a corded barcode scanning machine with the exception that it does not
have the power cord; this means that a wireless handheld barcode scanners can be
used is a much larger area than a corded one. Some of these barcode machine can
even help take inventory which helps make these nifty little scanners even more
convenient.One thing is for certain, that barcode scanning machine can only make
things more convenient. This type of scanner is especially more convenient when
it comes to the transaction of large objects that would pose a hassle to run
across a regular stationary scanner. Barcode machines are also diverse in price
meaning that you can probably find one for even the smallest budget.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wireless barcode scanner

wireless barcode
, Before buying a wireless barcode scanner, assess your workplace
situation and analyze if you just need a longer cord or you really need a
portable data collector equipped with a mobile handheld computer and integrated
barcode scanner. If you only need a longer cord, you can go for the wireless
wedge scanner. You will be able to save more with this type since they are less
expensive as compared to their technologically advanced brethren.Wireless Wedge
ScannersWireless wedge scanners are actually similar to corded scanners. They
have two components, the base station and the scanner. It is the scanner that
communicates with the base station, after which, the base station sends the
"decoded" barcode data into its computer network. The connectivity of the base
stations to the computer is also similar to the connection process of wired
scanners. They use the RS232, USB or PS2 connection. When using the USB ad PS2
connections, data is transferred to the PCs keyboard buffer. It will appear as
ASCII text, appearing on the screen of the PC anywhere the cursor flashes. If
you are using the RS232 interface, the scanned input is taken but it is not
displayed at the flashing cursor. The data is just taken and place where it is
programmed to go

35mm slide scanner

35mm slide scanner I
have read a lot of bad reviews of this product that seem to be the fault of the
owner's PC rather than the product. I am using this product to scan about 700
slides by Xmas for my family and create a book from the scans. I started on Dec
4th and see no problem having the entire project done by the 25th. The quality,
of course, depends on how much hard drive space you can commit to the project
(full res scans are VERY impressive). I find scanning to a 12MB TIF file on the
minumum setting (color depth 24, whatever that means, and 1800 DPI) yields
perfectly acceptable results for my amateur needs. I have used the product 3
times so far. First and most recent time at my work computer (a decent, newish
Dell), and once on my home PC (Dell, about 4-5 years old). At work, file
transfer was fast, about 20-25 secs for 12 slides. Working at home was a little
painful, as the file transfer took about 1 to 2 minutes per scan. As i said,
it's a relatively ancient computer. Anyone who expects to get rapid results with
this product on an old PC is a fool, and i think these fools have unfairly
devalued the product's user ratings. Maybe this will help. PLEASE DO NOT USE
THIS PRODUCT IF YOU ARE USING A COMMODORE 64! There, that should clear things

2d barcode scanner

The most important advantage of using a 2D barcode scanner is the ability to
read and decode 2D barcodes.  Data Matrix, Aztec, QR Code and Han Xin are
examples of 2D barcodes being used today.  2D barcodes are capable of holding
much more data than 1D barcodes in the same or less physical space.  Product
manufacturers can put hundreds or even thousands of characters in a single 2D
barcode. Having the ability to read barcodes omni-directionally is another big
advantage of using a 2D barcode scanner.  All hand held 2D barcode scanners use
an image sensor to capture an image of the barcode.  That image is then run
through a software decoder program that resides in the scanner's firmware.  The
software decoder program has the ability to locate the barcode based on each
barcode's unique characteristics, no matter what the orientation of the barcode
is.  This system allows the user to hold the scanner in the same position for
every barcode read no matter the position of the barcode.  The scanner does not
have to be oriented to line up with the barcode being read.  User fatigue and
overall read times are greatly reduced.
2d barcode scanner

USB barcode scanner

This scanner is very easy to install and operate - it couldn't be any
simpler, really. The scanner sends the data to your computer as though you'd
typed the barcode in on the keyboard; thus it should work with any software that
supports barcodes.

Configuring the unit for scanning modes and beeper volume/duration (it's a
little LOUD out of the box) is just as simple. There are a few barcodes printed
in the manual that you scan per your preferences.

To test it, just point your browser to,
rest the scanner on a UPC code, and click the trigger. Even if the product isn't
in the database, you'll get confirmation of a good read just by looking at the
number read out by the scanner. (If it's not in the database, do those good
people at upcdatabase a favor and enter the product details). You could also use
Amazon's search feature with the device, in the same fashion: scan the product's
bar code rather than typing in its title.

I scanned in a dozen CDs sitting here at my desk about as quickly as a checkout
clerk - so I stuck a pencil behind my ear, snapped my chewing gum a few times,
asked myself if I found everything I was looking for and hollered "WET CLEANUP
ON AISLE THREE!" usb barcode scanner

Disc golf bag

The FADE Crunch Box is a darn fine-looking, durable, 10-15 disc bag for
everyday play. The Crunch Box is available in 6 different colors! You can
search, but you won't find another bag with a feature list like this one at this
price. Notice the side pockets. Fade Gear raised them up, away from the bag
bottom so they don't drag on the ground and wear around the edges like other
bags. Plus, we added some of those tiny little feet that really work well on a
bag this size. They help keep the bag upright, because its no fun when your bag
falls over. You can easily carry 12 discs in the Crunch Box bag, a jacket, a
liter of water, your wallet, car keys, etc. The padded shoulder strap will keep
it comfortable. Oh, and did we mention the empty bag only weighs just under 20
ounces! Heck, you'll need to put discs in it just to keep if from floating away
in a light breeze! Rumor has it that Fade Gear has a crew of Howler Monkeys that
test their bags harder than you'll ever use it! They've been thrown at trees,
down hills, run over it with cars, slammed it in the baskets, and drug it
through mud. Disc golf bag

Ping golf bag

I was very pleased with my purchase! I bought this bag for my boyfriend as a
graduation present and he loves it! The 8 dividers on the top keep the clubs
organized and it has many pockets. The cooler lined pocket is a nice feature and
the separate divider for the putter is also very convenient. Great quality for
the price and highly recommended!
Ping golf bag

Sunday, July 18, 2010

outdoor stone fireplace

I decided to buy this one instead of one of the table-top fire pits because I
figured the heat from a fire pit would only go up, and not out, and especially
wouldn't go down towards your legs like this one would. I think I was right, the
top of this is solid other than where the smoke goes out, so it forces the heat
out the sides. It's also low to the ground, so the heat definitely warms your
legs. I also like that it is long enough to fit normal length logs, and it's
easy to put wood in from all four sides because the screens just lean back (you
don't have to take them all the way off).

I've used it half a dozen times, and so far I love it! I think another review
mentioned that the screens rust pretty quickly because the heat burns off the
paint. They suggested just spraying it with some high temp paint before using
it. I was going to do that, but didn't get around to it and didn't want to wait
to use it. So the screens are pretty rusty. I'll grab some paint and a wire
brush and I'm sure it will be fine. You can't even see the rust when a fire is
going anyway. When I first took it out of the box, the metal pieces seemed a
little thin to me, and also a little more shiny than I was expecting. I think in
the back of my head I was expecting some kind of cast iron thing like the old
wood stove that I grew up with as a kid. Of course that would have weighed 10
times what this one weighs, and it would probably have cost 10 times more as
well. Outdoor stone fireplace

Small charcoal grill

Small charcoal grill
I've already used some of their other products; they sure represent a good
synthesis of form and function, and built to last a lifetime; that's why I
decided to invest in their outclass grill.Starting the fire was a matter of
minutes with the fire chimney (a very worthwhile accessory) then a nice feature
was the dual cooking zone which enables you to cook your meat and vegetables at
the same time.Given good recipes, throw in the best ingredients, the rest is up
to you :I mean watching , because there lies the secret of barbecuing .Eva solo
grill then delivers first class results.Sure my former barbecue was as capable
when used to roast a chicken (indirect cooking) but in the whole I feel the eva
solo a better performer to cook precisely.

Using only stainless steel throughout the design has obvious advantages,one
being minimal care and keeping indefinitely its natural appearance (Ijust gave
it a layer of special oil they use in professional kitchens)and easy cleaning of
the grate, which translate into a nice impression of staying like new.

The sides remain relatively cool in use due to a layer of air circulating around
the fire place , thus increasing safety.

There is as for myself a minor gripe: the rods protuding ,used a a peg for both
tong and spatula are too short (risk of dropping them) half an inch more in both
directions would have been perfect , but then it might have hurt the design.A
most remarkable addition to your patio or deck , the eva solo outclass is
definitely a fantastic piece of kit: some would say a work of art?

Gas turbine generator

I am a truck driver and I bought this generator to power a household window
a/c for my truck when I am stopped. I also plan on using it for my engine block
heater (1500 watts) in the winter. So far this generator has been great! I have
a 5000 btu window a/c, and even on the hottest days the generator runs for 10
hours on a full tank! I was absolutely amazed that this little generator would
run that long on 1.5 gallons! Couple of things I have learned so far: When
operating at higher elevations 5,000 ft or above it is best to not turn on the
efficiency mode. When operating in efficiency mode and the a/c kicks on it tends
to overload, or shutdown. Simple enough, leave it in normal mode and operates
great! Second thing I learned is to pull the cord nice and slow when trying to
start the generator. I usually run the generator until it runs out of fuel,
before it took me 7-10 pulls to get it started if I pulled hard after I fueled
it up, now if I pull nice and slow it takes no more than 3 pulls. When I don't
run it out of fuel it always starts in 1-2 pulls!!!! For $500-$600 less than a
Honda I can deal with a few more pulls and a larger, heavier generator. Don't
get me wrong, Honda is a Great product, but I am thoroughly impressed with this
generator. gas turbine generator

Convertible crib bed rail

My daughter is just over nine months, and a few weeks ago started to acquire
the skills of standing up. We bought a nice baby furniture collection for her
room and wanted to keep the integrity of the furniture intact. There really
appeared to be two options out there: the rail cover and the gummy adhesive
material. The cons for the rail cover were it was twice as much and reviewers
claimed their child learned how to take it off. The pros to the rail cover were
it is not permanent (can be taken off), it is easy to install and you can hang
toys on it. From what I read about the gummy material, it sounded like it was
difficult to install, people claimed it kept falling off and it was permanent.
The only real thing it had going for it was the cheaper price. Overall, I'm
happy with the rail cover and would highly recommend it to people looking for a
solution to preventing their little teethers from gnawing on their cribs.

convertible crib bed rail

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Outdoor fireplace kits

I had seen this fireplace for sale elsewhere but Amazon had the best price
and free shipping so I decided to buy it, despite reading some negative
experiences of previous buyers. My experience was mixed. I received the
fireplace with only PART of the assembly bolts. Once side of the fireplace had
what I would call a crimp in it where the paint had come off. Near as I can
tell, it probably happened not in shipping but perhaps in a warehouse as the
product moved from manufacturer to storage. Anyway, I decided to return it and
get another one instead of waiting 2 weeks for the bolts from Charbroil like one
other customer. Here's where the positive part of the experience came. I went to
Amazon customer service page and clicked a link for someone to call me. My phone
rang IMMEDIATELY! I spoke with a very pleasant woman who promptly ordered
another fireplace at no cost and free shipping. I got an email with a link to
the returns page and was able to request UPS to pick up the other item so I did
not have to deal with carrying it to the UPS Store. I received my other
fireplace in 2 days WITH all the necessary bolts. However, this fireplace had a
similar crimp in one of the sides, but otherwise it is fine. Since we like the
design of the fireplace, we are planning on hammering out the crimp and
re-painting that part. So in summary, Charbroil has some manufacturing issues
with this unit, but Amazon rocks for customer service.
Outdoor fireplace kits

Nikon spotting scope

Nikon spotting scope
Love it! I ordered the Nikon 7072 Lens Pen along with the Nikon 8072 Microfiber
Cleaning Cloth and they both arrived at my door within 2 days as promised. These
two items are a necessity for anyone with a DSLR. The pen and the cloth can both
be clipped on the inside of my camera bag, in my pocket, anywhere! I love that
they are so small (and functional) because it is never a problem to keep them
close never know when you will need it. Nikon hasn't failed me yet, and
I just don't trust some off-brand product when it comes to cleaning my expensive
lenses. I have NEVER been disappointed with Nikon products. A great buy
regardless of the price!

Bushnell spotting scope

Bushnell spotting scope, I am an North South Skirmish Association member, shooting
competitively at paper and breakable targets with black powder in antique guns.
This shooting is done at outdoor ranges, and in all kinds of weather conditions.
The normal distances are 50 and 100 yards. Spotting scopes are essential and
must be ruggedly made, waterproof, with good eye relief, good light collection,
good clarity of picture and good anti-fog aspects. The Bushnell Trophy 20-60X65
meets all of these criteria, and in fact performs much better than numerous
other scopes I have tried costing many times more than this scope costs.
Built-in extendable sun screen and screw in front lens protector are nice
features. Hard case is not much but well padded with foam inside. Soft case,
which is the one you will use to carry onto the range is decently made and of
rugged fabric. This is an excellent value for someone needing a spotting scope
out to 100 yards, and may do well for those shooting beyond that distance. The
only drawback is the stupid little tripod that comes with the scope. Simply
throw that accessory into the trash and replace it with something that will
actually support the scope.

Outdoor gas fireplace

The advertising picture shows a big tall flame coming from the grill. This is
the reason I purchased this particular item. It also shows logs in the flame but
it does not come with the logs. It comes with lava rocks. When I called the
company they told me they no longer ship the fire pit with logs because they had
issues with them. I had to spend alot additional money to purchase ceramic logs.
When I used it for the first time the flame is much much lower than advertised
and barely came up to the top of the logs. I was very dissapointed. The grill
operates as advertised but I feel I spent alot of money for an inferior product.
outdoor gas fireplace

Gas powered generator

Gas powered generator,
Live in Clear Lake City ( between Galveston and Houston)and Ike( the Hurricane)
took the power away on Friday Morning around 1:30 AM. Once the wind was down and
my neighbors could get out into the weather without worring about projectiles,
they got out the new generator, added the oil and gasoline. On the third pull it
started. It has run 7 days without stopping, well shutting it down to to fill it
up with gasoline. What was good about this model is that it has 4 ea. 120
outlets, and I was able to share with a neighbor. Also, was suprized that it was
running over 10 hours before having to refill the tank. The only problem that I
had is the generator just shut OFF own it's own several times with plenty of
gasoline. Only took one pull to start it back up, after turning OFF the breaker
and the KEY. Loaning it out to a friend that still does not have a generator.
Have three neighbor that are going to look into getting them one. Also, they
like the deal that I got with It is not on right now. It was
delivered to my house with a truck that had a lift and a dolly to get it to the
garage, I was at work and the wife (66) could not help with this

Stainless steel charcoal grill

This thing is great. It works as described. One chicken, ten briquettes, and
two hours is all ya need for one juicy bird (no need to check on it while it
cooks). The grill plate accessory and the wire rack are a must buy. Use Pam and
never scrub the nonstick with a greenie. I think people over emphasize cleaning
the thing all together. Although its made of stainless steal and your gut wants
the insides to sparkle ... just don't do it! Treat it like anyone would a grill,
let it get seasoned with reasonable cleanings and the Epicurean will come out in
ya! I've used the Cobb on many many camping trips and I use it at the house
around three or four times a week. Its very sturdy and durable. For streaks and
potatoes, I cook the potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil on the wire rack covered.
When the potatoes are getting soft, I put them in the bottom, add a few more
briquettes, install and let the grill accessory get hot (use the lid if you want
to get it really hot) and cook the steaks. Mmmm ... It will cook anything. I've
smoked a pork butt on it for eight hours (remove ashes as you add charcoal and
use less charcoal in batches, 4 or 5 at a time, to keep the temp low). Great
pulled pork BBQ! I still use my big BBQ for big jobs, but the Cobb works great
for my all around favorite grill, oven, smoker and it goes anywhere and uses
next to nothing in charcoal. I highly recommend it to anyone. In my graveyard of
grills this one is a keeper :) My next buy is going to be the skillet and the
wok accessories
stainless steel charcoal grill

Friday, July 16, 2010

Accordion for sale

Accordion for sale , Hohner Concertina 20 Key - well I should have read all the review - but all in all it still sounded like it was a well made concertina and only a few had a problem - I ordered it for my daughter stationed in Hawaii - I also ordered a music book.... and I requested and paid for 3 day deliver... Well the first thing that happens is the music book, $15.00 was shipped at the quick delivery for another $16.00 and the Concertina went by slow boat to China... now that didn't make sense... but she got it and was already playing when she found the F key did not work in or out - just blew air.. I made several attempts to contact the seller - no response, then contacted Amazon and I must say they jumped on it and sent copy to seller, and copy to me.. 3 days later I still had not heard from seller regarding return/refund...I notified Amazon and then got a email from seller trying to say he had replied...he had not, but he/they gave instructions for getting the return lable and indicated they would have to return it to the manufacture for repair - I did not want a repair... I wanted my money back - they did reply and said ok that is what they would do ...but it will take approx 10 days from date of return... Why is it they can take you money in seconds but can't refund they same way???? - I will not buy another one from this company... Amazon was great.... Oh Yes - one other problem, the handle straps are very stiff and rub you hands, the strap adjustment does not allow for small female hands...more like a construction workers hands.

Making Love Your Guide To Sexual Intimacy

The best sex that you can ever have is to have it with someone that you really love. Making love with your lover will allow you to enjoy the physical sensation, as well as emotional pleasure.

A casual sexual encounter may lead to unsatisfying climax at the end of it, as both of you may feel that something is missing. To achieve intimacy, one has to care enough for his or her partner, willing to give that extra mile to satisfy him or her.

You can start by acknowledging the advances your lover makes. There will be times where your lover just drop hints to you that he or she wants to make love to you. Play along, and a little of humor will help a lot. The key here is to respond, loosen out and follow the lead.

When a couple who is deeply in love with each other, they will be very unselfishly give their all during sex. Actions like kissing the toes, calves, and nose will seem very appropriate here. When all these actions come sincerely from your heart, your lover will be aroused by any caressing that you do on him or her. How to masterburate

While both of you are making love, tell your partner how much you enjoy making love to him or her. Sometimes, your partner will not be able to read your mind; therefore do not risk it by just keeping quiet. Look into your lover's eyes, and tell him or her how much you love your lover.

Good communication will lead to great performance in sex, as feedback and praises are openly communicated to one another. Therefore, do bear in mind when the next time you are having sex with your partner, remember to talk, do not just moan.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Canister vacuums on sale Thanks to others who recommended this great machine!

Our house is built on a hillside in four levels to take advantage of a great view, so we have six carpeted staircases to clean. We replaced an upright two years ago at a "Bed & Bath" shop, with a bagless canister vac, based upon the salespersons recommendations for using a canister with lots of stairs. We did find the canister was a good choice for the stairs, but it was not easy to clean the dust container and filters, and going from the carpet to bare floor attachment required shuffling the parts. While not particularly difficult, it was an annoyance to stop and retireve whichever attachment was needed, and it always seemed to be on the last floor I'd cleaned. When the spring loaded button that kept the attachments on the wand broke, we found no one local carried replacement parts. We tried the web and found thE part was not available anywhere. Since we've become regular Amazon shoppers, we decided to consult with other Amazon patrons opinions about vacuums before buying another.

After reading many recommendations, we settled on the Wind Tunnel Electronic and fired off the order. We have had it for about two months and we are more pleased with this vacuum than any we've had in the last 35 years. The powerful motor produces several levels of suction, which are controlled from buttons easily accessible to the thumb of the hand you are using to hold and direct the wand. Another button activates the carpet beaters, which allows the user to go from carpeted floors to hard surfaces simply by pushing the button. The canister has a handy compartment that contains a crevase tool and brush attachment. The metal wand detaches from the floor attachment with a touch of your toe to a release lever, making it possible to eaisly go from the carpet attachment to a brush to clean air vents, shelves, and tables; then reinsert the wand into the floor attachment from a standing position. The designer of this machine had obviously cleaned more than one house!

We have two cats and a dog, so every cleaning we are amazed to find SOOOOO MUCH hair and fur along with dander in the canister. We can not imagine how the pets haven't disappeared, since we pick up enough every cleaning to build another small cat. That said, there is no discernable odor from the air pulled into the canister and filters, which are easy to clean and are washable, so every time we begin to clean it's like starting with a new machine.

Hoover has made the perfect machine for us and we recommend it to anyone with pets, stairs, and mixtures of carpet, wood, tile and vinyl floors. for more information please visit Canister vacuums on sale store

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Down comforters on sale

This comforter was a gift to myself and it more than fulfilled my expectations. It's beautiful to look at, well constructed and fluffs up nicely once it's out of the box and given room to breathe. One of our cats has adopted it as his own and spends hours prancing around on it, lifting his feet up high as if he's negotiating a snow drift; it's that plush.

Of course, it's warm too. After much debating, I settled on the medium weight because even though the extra warmth comforter might come in handy a few nights a year, I figured we'd get more use out of this one since neither my husband nor I like feeling overly warm. We've had a few sub-freezing nights since we've been using it and it's done the job remarkably well, even allowing us to keep the thermostat lower than we normally would have done without it.

One of the features that I most appreciate is its washability. Most of the down comforters that I looked at have stern warnings to dry clean only which is a nuisance and an expense. We have a flannel duvet cover to protect it but with constant use, not to mention a dog and three cats calling it home, it's nice to know that I can throw it in the machine when it needs it. Truthfully, I have ignored warnings in the past and have machine washed an older down comforter that we have. I put it in on a delicate cycle using wool wash (Eucalan) instead of regular laundry detergent, let it soak for a while, then a gentle agitation and a light spin. With Eucalan there's no need to rinse. The old comforter held up well and I expect that this one will as well. I hope to have it around for many years keeping us warm and cozy.For more information please visit our Down comforters on sale store.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Gloria vanderbilt amanda jeans

These are the most comfortable pants I've ever owned!! ... especially since my major back surgery! Regular jeans and anything with an elastic waist hurt at both incision areas, but these GV jeans do not! And they come in many colors, even more than shown here, and all in the three lengths. Local retailers run them on sale and that's when I buy mine. I love that they look like denim so I don't look different because of having to be careful what I wear ... I look like everyone else. I've told many friends and relatives about these jeans and any who have tried them have bought them too. If you want comfort for any reason, these are the jeans for you! For more information please visit our Gloria vanderbilt amanda jeans store.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Best front load washers by Samsung

One day, my wife decided to get this humongous blanket. It was so big that it wouldn't fit in our regular top load washer. It was one of those blankets that you had to wash every two weeks and it was getting to be a hassle to go to the laundromat so we bit the bullet and decided to get a large front loader. When we got our old washer I didn't think we needed to spend a whole lot of money on it so we just got a middle of the line GE. This time, I thought, what the heck, let's just get the top of the line one so we wouldn't have any buyer's remorse about not getting the best. And there was quite a big difference in cost, $500 for our old washer 3 years ago to $1400 for this one.

I researched all the washers carefully and read a lot of reviews and decided to go for a front loader, which is supposed to wash better because the clothes are tossed over and around instead of just being swirled around, and it's supposed to save water. And based on the reviews, I thought Samsung came out ahead in terms of quality. Mind you, the difference is not that much. There is no brand which is terrible in quality from what I read of online reviews, all are quite good, I just liked Samsung better. It's also somewhat subjective as I just liked the way it looked.

What I like about it.
1) Silvercare. I really like that fact that the laundry can be sanitized with silver ions instead of using heat because heat does terrible things to clothes. Especially families with kids, you've got mud and dirt and underwear, and adult clothes mixed with children's clothes. This was a very important selling point to me.
2) 4.5 cu. ft. capacity. I wanted to get the biggest size possible. This was one of the reasons which I didn't go one level down, even though the next level down was 4.3 cu.ft., which was just a little smaller. But as I said, I didn't want any second thoughts in the future, so I just got the biggest one.
3) Bells and whistles. This washer has a lot of features and functions: steam clean, bedding, quick wash, delay start, etc. in addition to the regular cycles. To be honest, I'm not using 90% of them now. I don't wear any fancy clothes and my laundry loads are either towels, every day clothing or underwear. What I do like is that I can customize the function. I chose "normal" but found that it didn't spin them enough so I increased the spin level by one. I also use the "hand wash" function, but found I needed to increase the spin level by one too. There are like 20 functions and you can customize them all to some degree.
4) Yeah, I like watching the clothes go around and it's relaxing. This is my first front loader ever. I wonder if I'll ever get tired of watch clothes go around.
5) I forget what they call this, but the washer resets itself if the clothes get bunched up. And that's one thing I disliked about my toploader. Sometimes the clothes would get all bunched up on one side and the toploader will throw itself out of whack and make a lot of noise. This one can reset itself.

None really so far, but a few comments.
1) Water saver, it uses less water than your regular top loader. I just can't get used to the idea that clothes can be thoroughly washed without them being completely soaked and when you watch through the glass window you'll see that the water never fills up the drum; the clothes do get wet, they just don't get immersed totally in water. In fact, you never see a water line through the window. Other reviewers in other forums have made the same comment.
2) Noise. I thought this would be whisper quiet, but it isn't a lot quieter than my toploader, which was an agitator. But the noise is from the clothes tumbling around inside the drum, the motor itself is totally quiet. However, both this Samsung and my 3 year old GE are much noticeably quieter than my last last washer from more than 10 years before, which demonstrates that technology has increased a lot; and also if you have a washer more than 10 years old you should seriously look at a new one! This is only in the "con" section because I thought it would be absolutely noiseless, but I guess there isn't much you can do about the noise of clothes tumbling around.
3) Capacity. It may have a 4.5 cu.ft. capacity but it's harder to load more in a front loader because you're trying to load stuff in sideways whereas with a top loader you just fill it to the top. Fill the little things like socks first and big things like towels at the top. I feel that even though my old washer was a 3.3 cu.ft, this one doesn't wash 36% more clothing.

For the value minded, is this functionally 2.8X better than my old top loader? ($1400 vs. $500). I would say no. It's got more functions but I think that most people can make do with a middle of the line washer. I would say that this washed as well as my 3 year old GE.

However, getting a new washer nowadays is a lot more about function. It's visceral, it's emotional, it's subjective. For 2.8X the money, you get a washer that subjectively looks a lot better ($500 washers don't come in 4 different colors, and just don't have the same oomph.) You get this because of the features, the looks and the fulfillment that you've arrived (in the laundry room). Laundry doesn't become a chore anymore, it's an appointment with the latest technology from Samsung. You don't merely wash your clothes, you clean them, you sanitize them. And that's what the extra $900 is all about. But me, I don't have to justify anything, she who must be obeyed had spoken.

Finally, and this was what sold me - our last last washer lasted almost 10 years. Washers typically last a long time. I didn't want to buy something cheap and then kick myself for the next 9 years wishing I bought something else. If this last 10 years, a difference of a few hundred dollars is negligible and this is a machine you'll use every week. This few hundred dollar difference pales in comparison to getting a washer repairman out. The last time I called it was $140 for the guy to come out and then parts and labor, so spend what you need to spend (within reason) and get the washer you want and the one with the better reputation.

Two month update: I love it. I just shove all my clothes in it and don't have to worry about the clothes getting bunched up on one side and the washer vibrating itself to pieces, and I love the Silvercare sanitation. I've since read up on the web that front loaders can get mold on the rubber that seals the door so after every wash I dry the rubber seal with a towel, and another reviewer said that using Silvercare prevents mold from growing, well, only time will tell on that one. Overall very pleased. For more information please visit our Best front load washers store.

Aveeno face wash

I've been using Aveeno face wash Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser for about a year now, after spending years having no luck with Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, or Cetaphil products. I don't have oily skin but I do have a compulsive skin-picking problem, so having clear pores so I don't have anything to pick at is very important to me! I use this every day in the morning, and sometimes the afternoon after a long day or during the summer and I'm feeling greasy. I like how fresh and clean it makes my skin feel after I use it. It's even gotten rid of all of my scars from when I was a teenager! This foaming cleanser does a really great job getting and keeping your skin clear. I don't use the Clear Complexion moisturizer but I do use the Ultra-Calming one. I definitely reccommend this to anyone looking at this product and thinking "Should I?" Yes! Do it! :) For more information please visit our Aveeno face wash store

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

American pageant 13th edition

For my APUSH (AP U.S History) class, our homework usually consists of reading and outlining ten pages of this masterpiece. From the first ten pages, I was hooked. The descriptions of pre-Columbian America are very beautiful.

And that is why it is criticized. Many feel that it is too much opinion than fact, it's too flowery, too fanciful, too novel-esque. But that is why I enjoy it so much.

For example, when we completed the section on the American Revolution, I felt a sense of happiness and resolve that has never happened in previous history classes.
What other text book can do that? The author decided to sacrifice a collegian tone to one that brings history to life, therefore allowing the audience to enjoy it and appreciate history. For that, he must be respected.
This is a really enjoyable read, if you don't mind Columbus being the "World's greatest successful failure" or the North and South being compared to "Siamese twins, bound inseparably together", then you'll see why this book is such a wonderful read! For more information please visit our American pageant 13th edition store.