Friday, July 16, 2010

Making Love Your Guide To Sexual Intimacy

The best sex that you can ever have is to have it with someone that you really love. Making love with your lover will allow you to enjoy the physical sensation, as well as emotional pleasure.

A casual sexual encounter may lead to unsatisfying climax at the end of it, as both of you may feel that something is missing. To achieve intimacy, one has to care enough for his or her partner, willing to give that extra mile to satisfy him or her.

You can start by acknowledging the advances your lover makes. There will be times where your lover just drop hints to you that he or she wants to make love to you. Play along, and a little of humor will help a lot. The key here is to respond, loosen out and follow the lead.

When a couple who is deeply in love with each other, they will be very unselfishly give their all during sex. Actions like kissing the toes, calves, and nose will seem very appropriate here. When all these actions come sincerely from your heart, your lover will be aroused by any caressing that you do on him or her. How to masterburate

While both of you are making love, tell your partner how much you enjoy making love to him or her. Sometimes, your partner will not be able to read your mind; therefore do not risk it by just keeping quiet. Look into your lover's eyes, and tell him or her how much you love your lover.

Good communication will lead to great performance in sex, as feedback and praises are openly communicated to one another. Therefore, do bear in mind when the next time you are having sex with your partner, remember to talk, do not just moan.

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