Thursday, July 15, 2010

Canister vacuums on sale Thanks to others who recommended this great machine!

Our house is built on a hillside in four levels to take advantage of a great view, so we have six carpeted staircases to clean. We replaced an upright two years ago at a "Bed & Bath" shop, with a bagless canister vac, based upon the salespersons recommendations for using a canister with lots of stairs. We did find the canister was a good choice for the stairs, but it was not easy to clean the dust container and filters, and going from the carpet to bare floor attachment required shuffling the parts. While not particularly difficult, it was an annoyance to stop and retireve whichever attachment was needed, and it always seemed to be on the last floor I'd cleaned. When the spring loaded button that kept the attachments on the wand broke, we found no one local carried replacement parts. We tried the web and found thE part was not available anywhere. Since we've become regular Amazon shoppers, we decided to consult with other Amazon patrons opinions about vacuums before buying another.

After reading many recommendations, we settled on the Wind Tunnel Electronic and fired off the order. We have had it for about two months and we are more pleased with this vacuum than any we've had in the last 35 years. The powerful motor produces several levels of suction, which are controlled from buttons easily accessible to the thumb of the hand you are using to hold and direct the wand. Another button activates the carpet beaters, which allows the user to go from carpeted floors to hard surfaces simply by pushing the button. The canister has a handy compartment that contains a crevase tool and brush attachment. The metal wand detaches from the floor attachment with a touch of your toe to a release lever, making it possible to eaisly go from the carpet attachment to a brush to clean air vents, shelves, and tables; then reinsert the wand into the floor attachment from a standing position. The designer of this machine had obviously cleaned more than one house!

We have two cats and a dog, so every cleaning we are amazed to find SOOOOO MUCH hair and fur along with dander in the canister. We can not imagine how the pets haven't disappeared, since we pick up enough every cleaning to build another small cat. That said, there is no discernable odor from the air pulled into the canister and filters, which are easy to clean and are washable, so every time we begin to clean it's like starting with a new machine.

Hoover has made the perfect machine for us and we recommend it to anyone with pets, stairs, and mixtures of carpet, wood, tile and vinyl floors. for more information please visit Canister vacuums on sale store

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