Friday, July 23, 2010

Crepe maker machine

I wanted to make dessert crepes and purchased this because of the price. This
baby works like a charm! Takes about 5 minutes to heat up and man it gets hot!
For best results, put it on level 2 or 3 and pour the batter right in the
center. That way you got time to spread the batter around the surface before it
firms up. Try to control the thickness of the crepe because you don't want it
spongy. You want it as thin as possible.

Other points to note:

1. The only way to clean it is to use a cloth and wipe the surface clean.

2. The included spreader is very good. Maybe a bit too big for it, but it works

3. You don't need to buy a wooden spatula or anything like that. A regular
plastic spatula works great. The crepes don't stick to the surface even without
spray or butter.

4. The edge of the surface is elevated. This is not like traditional, larger
crepe makers which are totally flat allowing for the crepe to be handled by a
straight spatula. This isn't a downside though because it can keep the batter
from dripping down the side. Overall this is an amazing crepe maker for the
money. You won't be disappointed.
crepe maker machine

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