Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flat screen tv stands

I was looking for a stand to mount my new 52" Sony LCD, and this item from
Amazon looked sharp and had a good price.

A tip of my hat to the reviewer who assembled this in 1 hour - it took me closer
to 3, but admittedly I am no handyman.

It did take two people to mount the TV once the stand was mostly assembled, but
I guess with some imagination a person could do it alone. I would not want to
risk damaging my new $1500 TV. Since I know my limitations, I took my time, read
the directions carefully, with very few missteps. The extra hardware included
would make it possible to mount virtually any kind of flat panel TV; LCD or
plasma. I've seen it advertised for a mount for a 46" TV, but my 52" looks
great, and this stand is heavy and solid enough to support a TV several inches
larger. The metal and fiberboard top is pained a shiny black, and the finish
really does look like it could be on a piano. The glass shelves offer plenty of
room and sturdiness for any components you might want to add, and the horizontal
swivel is a big plus.

There are of a variety of mounting heights. The bottom of my TV is the minimum
24" off the floor, but it could have gone about a foot higher. The price does
fluctuate. I paid closer to 2 Bens than 3, and I would recommend watching it
until it hits that price point, with free shipping.
flat screen tv stands

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