Thursday, July 29, 2010

35mm slide scanner

After using this little device for all of 5 seconds, I decided I needed to
write a review. I agree with the other reviewers as of this date. This is very
simple to set up and use, and the negative scanning goes rather quickly. Much
more quickly than scanning them with my flat bed scanner (which I do love!).
Overall really good quality - well worth the $100 spent! All of the photos I
scanned turned out wonderfully - full of color, exactly like the photo sitting
next to the computer. I even ended up with a few more pictures since some of the
negatives were cut, and now I have access to those photos! Some of the photos my
parents scanned ended up with a bluish tint. I'm not sure if that was simply the
lighting in the shot itself. If you have knowledge of Photoshop you can tweak
your photos after the scan.

If you are thinking about buying this scanner, one hundred dollars is an
inexpensive way to save such precious memories. My parents were able to scan so
many photos. I cried as I looked through all of them, especially the photos of
people we have lost along the way. Negatives aren't going to last forever, and
neither are photos. Going digital to preserve your memories is something I
highly recommend, and I highly recommend using this scanner to do so.
35mm slide scanner

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