Saturday, July 17, 2010

Outdoor fireplace kits

I had seen this fireplace for sale elsewhere but Amazon had the best price
and free shipping so I decided to buy it, despite reading some negative
experiences of previous buyers. My experience was mixed. I received the
fireplace with only PART of the assembly bolts. Once side of the fireplace had
what I would call a crimp in it where the paint had come off. Near as I can
tell, it probably happened not in shipping but perhaps in a warehouse as the
product moved from manufacturer to storage. Anyway, I decided to return it and
get another one instead of waiting 2 weeks for the bolts from Charbroil like one
other customer. Here's where the positive part of the experience came. I went to
Amazon customer service page and clicked a link for someone to call me. My phone
rang IMMEDIATELY! I spoke with a very pleasant woman who promptly ordered
another fireplace at no cost and free shipping. I got an email with a link to
the returns page and was able to request UPS to pick up the other item so I did
not have to deal with carrying it to the UPS Store. I received my other
fireplace in 2 days WITH all the necessary bolts. However, this fireplace had a
similar crimp in one of the sides, but otherwise it is fine. Since we like the
design of the fireplace, we are planning on hammering out the crimp and
re-painting that part. So in summary, Charbroil has some manufacturing issues
with this unit, but Amazon rocks for customer service.
Outdoor fireplace kits

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