Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Clic Glasses Store.

I have a very small, narrow face. I'm a very petite woman - so these work for
me - but I also have long hair. So when you snap the front together and pull the
glasses up over your nose, because the "tether" is so stiff - it fights with my
hair. And the option to leave them on the outside of my long hair isn't an
option. So these are a great idea, if the tether was a bit softer or more
flexible and/or they adjusted much longer. It would be great for a man with a
small head or face - as they don't really give you much lee-way. I opened them
up to the largest adjustment possible so they fit me - but again - I am small.
So this would not be something for a large woman or your average male.

I do love the idea that they pull apart and then snap together - because when I
left them open on my neck - and I was wearing a scarf, no one even knew they
were there and they really can be convenient. So just some tweaking and these
would be the dream reading glasses!
Clic glasses

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