Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gas turbine generator

I am a truck driver and I bought this generator to power a household window
a/c for my truck when I am stopped. I also plan on using it for my engine block
heater (1500 watts) in the winter. So far this generator has been great! I have
a 5000 btu window a/c, and even on the hottest days the generator runs for 10
hours on a full tank! I was absolutely amazed that this little generator would
run that long on 1.5 gallons! Couple of things I have learned so far: When
operating at higher elevations 5,000 ft or above it is best to not turn on the
efficiency mode. When operating in efficiency mode and the a/c kicks on it tends
to overload, or shutdown. Simple enough, leave it in normal mode and operates
great! Second thing I learned is to pull the cord nice and slow when trying to
start the generator. I usually run the generator until it runs out of fuel,
before it took me 7-10 pulls to get it started if I pulled hard after I fueled
it up, now if I pull nice and slow it takes no more than 3 pulls. When I don't
run it out of fuel it always starts in 1-2 pulls!!!! For $500-$600 less than a
Honda I can deal with a few more pulls and a larger, heavier generator. Don't
get me wrong, Honda is a Great product, but I am thoroughly impressed with this
generator. gas turbine generator

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