Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bushnell spotting scope

Bushnell spotting scope, I am an North South Skirmish Association member, shooting
competitively at paper and breakable targets with black powder in antique guns.
This shooting is done at outdoor ranges, and in all kinds of weather conditions.
The normal distances are 50 and 100 yards. Spotting scopes are essential and
must be ruggedly made, waterproof, with good eye relief, good light collection,
good clarity of picture and good anti-fog aspects. The Bushnell Trophy 20-60X65
meets all of these criteria, and in fact performs much better than numerous
other scopes I have tried costing many times more than this scope costs.
Built-in extendable sun screen and screw in front lens protector are nice
features. Hard case is not much but well padded with foam inside. Soft case,
which is the one you will use to carry onto the range is decently made and of
rugged fabric. This is an excellent value for someone needing a spotting scope
out to 100 yards, and may do well for those shooting beyond that distance. The
only drawback is the stupid little tripod that comes with the scope. Simply
throw that accessory into the trash and replace it with something that will
actually support the scope.

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