Sunday, July 18, 2010

outdoor stone fireplace

I decided to buy this one instead of one of the table-top fire pits because I
figured the heat from a fire pit would only go up, and not out, and especially
wouldn't go down towards your legs like this one would. I think I was right, the
top of this is solid other than where the smoke goes out, so it forces the heat
out the sides. It's also low to the ground, so the heat definitely warms your
legs. I also like that it is long enough to fit normal length logs, and it's
easy to put wood in from all four sides because the screens just lean back (you
don't have to take them all the way off).

I've used it half a dozen times, and so far I love it! I think another review
mentioned that the screens rust pretty quickly because the heat burns off the
paint. They suggested just spraying it with some high temp paint before using
it. I was going to do that, but didn't get around to it and didn't want to wait
to use it. So the screens are pretty rusty. I'll grab some paint and a wire
brush and I'm sure it will be fine. You can't even see the rust when a fire is
going anyway. When I first took it out of the box, the metal pieces seemed a
little thin to me, and also a little more shiny than I was expecting. I think in
the back of my head I was expecting some kind of cast iron thing like the old
wood stove that I grew up with as a kid. Of course that would have weighed 10
times what this one weighs, and it would probably have cost 10 times more as
well. Outdoor stone fireplace

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