Monday, July 19, 2010

Wireless barcode scanner

wireless barcode
, Before buying a wireless barcode scanner, assess your workplace
situation and analyze if you just need a longer cord or you really need a
portable data collector equipped with a mobile handheld computer and integrated
barcode scanner. If you only need a longer cord, you can go for the wireless
wedge scanner. You will be able to save more with this type since they are less
expensive as compared to their technologically advanced brethren.Wireless Wedge
ScannersWireless wedge scanners are actually similar to corded scanners. They
have two components, the base station and the scanner. It is the scanner that
communicates with the base station, after which, the base station sends the
"decoded" barcode data into its computer network. The connectivity of the base
stations to the computer is also similar to the connection process of wired
scanners. They use the RS232, USB or PS2 connection. When using the USB ad PS2
connections, data is transferred to the PCs keyboard buffer. It will appear as
ASCII text, appearing on the screen of the PC anywhere the cursor flashes. If
you are using the RS232 interface, the scanned input is taken but it is not
displayed at the flashing cursor. The data is just taken and place where it is
programmed to go

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