Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stainless steel charcoal grill

This thing is great. It works as described. One chicken, ten briquettes, and
two hours is all ya need for one juicy bird (no need to check on it while it
cooks). The grill plate accessory and the wire rack are a must buy. Use Pam and
never scrub the nonstick with a greenie. I think people over emphasize cleaning
the thing all together. Although its made of stainless steal and your gut wants
the insides to sparkle ... just don't do it! Treat it like anyone would a grill,
let it get seasoned with reasonable cleanings and the Epicurean will come out in
ya! I've used the Cobb on many many camping trips and I use it at the house
around three or four times a week. Its very sturdy and durable. For streaks and
potatoes, I cook the potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil on the wire rack covered.
When the potatoes are getting soft, I put them in the bottom, add a few more
briquettes, install and let the grill accessory get hot (use the lid if you want
to get it really hot) and cook the steaks. Mmmm ... It will cook anything. I've
smoked a pork butt on it for eight hours (remove ashes as you add charcoal and
use less charcoal in batches, 4 or 5 at a time, to keep the temp low). Great
pulled pork BBQ! I still use my big BBQ for big jobs, but the Cobb works great
for my all around favorite grill, oven, smoker and it goes anywhere and uses
next to nothing in charcoal. I highly recommend it to anyone. In my graveyard of
grills this one is a keeper :) My next buy is going to be the skillet and the
wok accessories
stainless steel charcoal grill

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