Friday, July 16, 2010

Accordion for sale

Accordion for sale , Hohner Concertina 20 Key - well I should have read all the review - but all in all it still sounded like it was a well made concertina and only a few had a problem - I ordered it for my daughter stationed in Hawaii - I also ordered a music book.... and I requested and paid for 3 day deliver... Well the first thing that happens is the music book, $15.00 was shipped at the quick delivery for another $16.00 and the Concertina went by slow boat to China... now that didn't make sense... but she got it and was already playing when she found the F key did not work in or out - just blew air.. I made several attempts to contact the seller - no response, then contacted Amazon and I must say they jumped on it and sent copy to seller, and copy to me.. 3 days later I still had not heard from seller regarding return/refund...I notified Amazon and then got a email from seller trying to say he had replied...he had not, but he/they gave instructions for getting the return lable and indicated they would have to return it to the manufacture for repair - I did not want a repair... I wanted my money back - they did reply and said ok that is what they would do ...but it will take approx 10 days from date of return... Why is it they can take you money in seconds but can't refund they same way???? - I will not buy another one from this company... Amazon was great.... Oh Yes - one other problem, the handle straps are very stiff and rub you hands, the strap adjustment does not allow for small female hands...more like a construction workers hands.

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