Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kerosene heater

I use this heater in my basement/workshop. Turning the unit on is an easy
straight forward process, although the siphon pump supplied to fill it with
kerosene works just a little under par. This little heater produces an amazing
amount of heat, and usually runs between 6 and 9 hours on a full tank. Most of
the reviews on Amazon are quite accurate. There isn't much adjustment in
flame(just right or wrong), it will occasionally set off my smoke detectors(but
there is no visible smoke), the handle is a little on the flimsy side(especially
when full of fuel), and finding K-1 grade kerosene can at times be a bit
troublesome. Two and a half gallons of kerosene costs about $13.00 at the local
hardware store. I wouldn't put this heater in the ultra efficient category, but
I believe most of the future buyers of this unit will find it a good value based
on its purchase price, and the amount of clean heat it produces.
kerosene heater

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