Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Slide and negative scanner

While researching slide scanners, my gut told me to go with the Imagelab
because it stood alone from the computer, no software required, could operate on
batteries, came with 2 trays each for slides and negatives, could save images on
an SD card and was compact.

In spite of all these positives, I went with the ION because it was a few
dollars cheaper. Unfortunately, the ION went back to the store because, even
though the box and software instructions indicated it was compatible with
Vista...it wasn't! (The software is from another company and you have to pay for
support.) So now back to why I'm so happy with the Imagelab. I had a variety of
slides and negatives of various ages and conditions. It is very easy to use and
once you get into a routine of loading, scanning, and unloading the trays you
can zip through boxes of slides in no time! There's the flexibility to save
pictures directly on the computer (no software needed) or on an SD card. If
needed, there is limited space to save pictures on the Imagelab (and then
transfer to the computer using the USB cable provided). Another plus of the
Imagelab is the "Viewing Window" where you can see the image you're scanning and
even review all the ones you've scanned.
slide and negative scanner

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