Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ninja climbing gear

After purchasing this grappling hook, I put it through a few tests, and was
very please with how it performed. The device easily supported my weight, which
I tested by throwing the grapple up and around a tree branch and swinging on it.
The four prongs are sharp, and grabbed the branch rather well. The grapple held
fast after a minute or two of holding my weight. I then tested it by climbing
about 15 feet up. The rope is thin, but strong, and provides a good grip for
climbing. While out hiking a few weeks ago with a friend, I decided to climb a
steep rock face, with some vegetation growing off it. I had almost made it to
the top, but a large boulder was in the way, so I decided to head back down. I
reached a point where the grade was too steep to descend, so I had my friend
take the grapple out of his pack and throw it up to me. I hooked both ends
together, and lowered myself down to the base of the slope. I was very glad to
have purchased this tool, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a solid
grappling hook. ninja climbing gear

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