Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gas powered generator

Gas powered generator,
Live in Clear Lake City ( between Galveston and Houston)and Ike( the Hurricane)
took the power away on Friday Morning around 1:30 AM. Once the wind was down and
my neighbors could get out into the weather without worring about projectiles,
they got out the new generator, added the oil and gasoline. On the third pull it
started. It has run 7 days without stopping, well shutting it down to to fill it
up with gasoline. What was good about this model is that it has 4 ea. 120
outlets, and I was able to share with a neighbor. Also, was suprized that it was
running over 10 hours before having to refill the tank. The only problem that I
had is the generator just shut OFF own it's own several times with plenty of
gasoline. Only took one pull to start it back up, after turning OFF the breaker
and the KEY. Loaning it out to a friend that still does not have a generator.
Have three neighbor that are going to look into getting them one. Also, they
like the deal that I got with It is not on right now. It was
delivered to my house with a truck that had a lift and a dolly to get it to the
garage, I was at work and the wife (66) could not help with this

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