Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hammock chair stand

Hammock chair stand
I really like this product and use it daily even at my 208 pound weight. After
looking at numerous chair stands I decided to go with this model. I didn't like
the more expensive ones that have one arm to connect the hammock chair. It just
didn't appear as stable as this one. Also, I wanted something that was heavy (50
pounds), made of durable steel (not plastic) and had very simple setup and few
parts. After 5 minutes of setup, I wondered if there was something else I needed
to do, being that I'm the type of person who always has extra parts when
assembling and rarely uses the instructions. For me, this is a fantastic buy for
the price. The only down side of it is that it only comes in a white color. My
wife swings too far back and the front comes off the ground 1/2 an inch and when
she goes forward the exposed gray steel moves up a little. The exposed steel
works well as the flexibility to smoothly rock the swing.

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