Sunday, July 18, 2010

Convertible crib bed rail

My daughter is just over nine months, and a few weeks ago started to acquire
the skills of standing up. We bought a nice baby furniture collection for her
room and wanted to keep the integrity of the furniture intact. There really
appeared to be two options out there: the rail cover and the gummy adhesive
material. The cons for the rail cover were it was twice as much and reviewers
claimed their child learned how to take it off. The pros to the rail cover were
it is not permanent (can be taken off), it is easy to install and you can hang
toys on it. From what I read about the gummy material, it sounded like it was
difficult to install, people claimed it kept falling off and it was permanent.
The only real thing it had going for it was the cheaper price. Overall, I'm
happy with the rail cover and would highly recommend it to people looking for a
solution to preventing their little teethers from gnawing on their cribs.

convertible crib bed rail

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