Monday, July 19, 2010

USB barcode scanner

This scanner is very easy to install and operate - it couldn't be any
simpler, really. The scanner sends the data to your computer as though you'd
typed the barcode in on the keyboard; thus it should work with any software that
supports barcodes.

Configuring the unit for scanning modes and beeper volume/duration (it's a
little LOUD out of the box) is just as simple. There are a few barcodes printed
in the manual that you scan per your preferences.

To test it, just point your browser to,
rest the scanner on a UPC code, and click the trigger. Even if the product isn't
in the database, you'll get confirmation of a good read just by looking at the
number read out by the scanner. (If it's not in the database, do those good
people at upcdatabase a favor and enter the product details). You could also use
Amazon's search feature with the device, in the same fashion: scan the product's
bar code rather than typing in its title.

I scanned in a dozen CDs sitting here at my desk about as quickly as a checkout
clerk - so I stuck a pencil behind my ear, snapped my chewing gum a few times,
asked myself if I found everything I was looking for and hollered "WET CLEANUP
ON AISLE THREE!" usb barcode scanner

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