Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bluetooth barcode scanner

I have used this scanner for scanning the UPC codes on beer packages on site
in retail accounts. The initial setup was a little difficult. I gave it the ole'
college try and had to basically teach myself the ASCII language to program the
scanner, which in the end was interesting at the least. I had several questions
about the setup so I decided to call Wasp. The experience with the customer
support, although friendly, was not very useful. The customer service agent flat
out told me "I don't know" to my questions. Defiantly not something you want to
hear! If you don't know then who will? In the end I took the initiative and made
this scanner do what I needed it to do. I would recommend this product to anyone
in the market for one. The battery life is great. It is very light weight and
ergonomical. Be prepared for somewhat of a learning curve with ASCII.
bluetooth barcode scanner

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