Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Solar panels for sale

The product does what it said it does. Measured the voltage on a sunny day on
a single panel and it put out about 20VDC. You could imagine what four of the
panels can collect. The panel is now on the roof of the house collecting some
sun for the battery. Even through the rainy weather it still collects whatever
it can, so far so good. As a precaution of the wiring on the connectors I bound
the two with wire tape to keep the water out and so far it works. I will go
check the wiring later in the months and see if the wires are affected by rainy
weather. Although, the inverter is a modified sine and putting out about 200
watts. The fan is a bit noisy, for the moment I don't mind it. The inverter is
outside of the house and I'm inside. I have done some additional test to on the
inverter, and the hertz is not stable and it does fluctuate a lot. I don't know
how bad this is, but I have read some articles that fluctuating hertz can harm
any devices that need constant hertz. (normally I get about 40hz - 45hz, and not
the usual 60hz from an outlet)
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