Wednesday, July 21, 2010

oil heater

I just got mine 12/2009. I was concerned with the potential smell based on
the other reviews. So when I got it I plugged in per directions in the garage on
High for three hours to burn off the coating, but also wiped off, vacuumed, and
blew off (with my air compressor) just in case. Put in room shortly thereafter
and there was a faint noticable smell when on the High setting, but not too bad.
Now I cannot notice anything. It definately helps the home keep a constant heat.
A good buy.

Also, you'd be hard pressed to actually burn yourself with this. It is hot
enough, but you'd have to keep your hand on it for a few seconds. we have kids
and they can touch it on High (ouch!) without getting a burn. I just takes one
time to learn. It's just enough to discourage play. A toddler could, i suppose,
possibly grab onto it and overturn it onto him/herself, but that'd be the only
way to get a significant burn and unlikely. I'm not worried. You probably
shouldn't be either, unless your kids are way below average intelligence, which
they may be if they wind up burning themselves with this. If they do, at least
you'll now know to put a cork at the end of their knives and forks, and possibly
bubble wrap their room. Of course one of your child's normal friends might
someday accidentally put some article of clothing on it, which would be natural
for a child to do, and that could possibly start a fire.We like it, anyway.oil heater

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