Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dart board cabinet

I purchased this dartboard/cabinet for my apartment for added entertainment.
The product was shipped to me in the original box with no additional packaging.
The corners of the box were completely ripped off, and the doors have cracks
running vertically through them from the top to the bottom. I'm lazy, and since
you can't see them while the board is hanging, I didn't bother to return it. The
darts are fine for what I use it for, and the board seems fine too, except that
a lot of darts fall out (not bounce off, although the wires are held on with
staples, so a lot of darts bounce off too) of the area in an around the
bullseye. I think this is because the screw you add to the back of the board to
hang it causes the bristles inside to become more compact, requiring a more
forceful throw to get the dart deep enough to stay in. Throws farther away from
the bullseye stay in the board with no problems.
Dart board cabinet

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