Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fiberglass step ladders

Wing Enterprises, the maker of the celebrated Little Giant Ladder System, has
recently launched this new line of ladders for home and professional use. This
innovative line of ladders, known as the Ultra Step, has been designed
specifically to provide a lightweight alternative for those who need a 5' - 8'
A-frame, and a ladder that can handle staircases or go vertically against walls
and corners. The Little Giant Ultra Step has a unique tripod-like design that
gives the ladder Little Giant stability while delivering significant reduction
in weight. Using the easy-to-use mechanisms well known to those who have ladders
from Wing's main lines, the ladder can adjust to fit staircases, sloping ground,
and ramps. Additionally, with the tripod leg in the vertical position, users can
get right up close to walls or corners, where with traditional A-frame ladders,
the higher you go, the further you are from your work space. As has been shown
in numerous tests and comparisons, safety and quality have always been a
priority at Little Giant. As such, the Ultra Step is rated up to 300 lbs, and
meets or exceeds all applicable OSHA and ANSI standards. This fiberglass version
of the Ultra Step is designed for use by those who need to work with electrical
components.fiberglass step ladders

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