Sunday, July 4, 2010

Down comforters on sale

This comforter was a gift to myself and it more than fulfilled my expectations. It's beautiful to look at, well constructed and fluffs up nicely once it's out of the box and given room to breathe. One of our cats has adopted it as his own and spends hours prancing around on it, lifting his feet up high as if he's negotiating a snow drift; it's that plush.

Of course, it's warm too. After much debating, I settled on the medium weight because even though the extra warmth comforter might come in handy a few nights a year, I figured we'd get more use out of this one since neither my husband nor I like feeling overly warm. We've had a few sub-freezing nights since we've been using it and it's done the job remarkably well, even allowing us to keep the thermostat lower than we normally would have done without it.

One of the features that I most appreciate is its washability. Most of the down comforters that I looked at have stern warnings to dry clean only which is a nuisance and an expense. We have a flannel duvet cover to protect it but with constant use, not to mention a dog and three cats calling it home, it's nice to know that I can throw it in the machine when it needs it. Truthfully, I have ignored warnings in the past and have machine washed an older down comforter that we have. I put it in on a delicate cycle using wool wash (Eucalan) instead of regular laundry detergent, let it soak for a while, then a gentle agitation and a light spin. With Eucalan there's no need to rinse. The old comforter held up well and I expect that this one will as well. I hope to have it around for many years keeping us warm and cozy.For more information please visit our Down comforters on sale store.

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