Saturday, July 24, 2010

Clic Glasses

I have four pairs of CliC adjustable glasses. Prior to purchasing the CliCs,
I owned several pairs of reading glasses and had them all over the house, in the
car, at the office, in the garage, etc. Even then, when I went to reach for a
pair of readers, I could not find them. With the CliCs, I always have them
hanging around my neck. There are always present and available. When I am around
friends or even strangers that are unfamiliar with the CliC glasses, they are
always amazed at when I put them on. The click of the magnets makes them take a
second look and then they remark at how cool they are. Several of my friends
have purchased the glasses from Amazon after observing them on me. My first set
were blue, which I did not particularly like. My last three pair have been
clear, which makes them just about disappear from my face. I would highly
recommend these glasses to anyone in need of readers.
clic glasses

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