Monday, July 19, 2010

2d barcode scanner

The most important advantage of using a 2D barcode scanner is the ability to
read and decode 2D barcodes.  Data Matrix, Aztec, QR Code and Han Xin are
examples of 2D barcodes being used today.  2D barcodes are capable of holding
much more data than 1D barcodes in the same or less physical space.  Product
manufacturers can put hundreds or even thousands of characters in a single 2D
barcode. Having the ability to read barcodes omni-directionally is another big
advantage of using a 2D barcode scanner.  All hand held 2D barcode scanners use
an image sensor to capture an image of the barcode.  That image is then run
through a software decoder program that resides in the scanner's firmware.  The
software decoder program has the ability to locate the barcode based on each
barcode's unique characteristics, no matter what the orientation of the barcode
is.  This system allows the user to hold the scanner in the same position for
every barcode read no matter the position of the barcode.  The scanner does not
have to be oriented to line up with the barcode being read.  User fatigue and
overall read times are greatly reduced.
2d barcode scanner

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