Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tubbs snowshoes

Designed and biomechanically engineered specifically for the natural stride
of women, the Tubbs women's Frontier snowshoes are ideal for users who want to
push beyond the boundaries of the entry-level category, but are still looking
for good value. The Frontier snowshoes offer better traction and a more
supportive binding than the entry-level Tubbs Xplore, giving you the stability
and control to confidently navigate uneven terrain. The Frontier is outfitted
with a women's-specific 6000 series aluminum body--a strong, lightweight frame
that's optimized to accommodate a woman's natural stride. The shoe's QuickStep
binding, meanwhile, includes a dual-pull system for easy adjustments and quick
entry and exit. And users will love the carbon-steel crampon system, which
offers both front and rear braking teeth for improved traction on uphill,
downhill, and side-hill terrain. As a result, the budget-friendly Frontier
snowshoe excels in packed snow, but also lets the user take on more challenging
terrain. tubbs snowshoes

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