Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Closet shoe organizer

I purchased several of these to try to form some semblance of order out of a
chaotic closet with enough shoes to rival Imelda Marcos. This shoe bag is
terrific as far as the size of its shoe pockets - I have been able to fit a pair
of size 7 1/2 women's shoes in each pocket including pairs of shoe boots. For
size 10 1/2 men's shoes, only one shoe fits in each pocket but this is a vast
improvement over previous shoe bags. The material that comprises it seems to be
sturdy and well constructed however it is not heavy and may not have the
durability of duck canvas. My previous shoe bags were nylon and lasted about
four years before the pockets began to slowly rip away. The problem I have with
these shoe bags is that one can hang it on a closet rod via the hanger as shown
in the pix, however, I prefer to hang these on a wall or the back of a door.
There are metal "over the door" pieces that are to be used for this purpose,
however, they are not fashioned well. I could not close the door using these
pieces. Instead, I substituted the "over the door" metal pieces from my previous
shoe bags and they worked well. Now I have used up all my former shoe bag metal
pieces and am trying to figure out how to hang the newest shoe bag. I think one
will need to use needle nose pliers to bend the metal into a more usable shape.
It is unfortunate that this one aspect detracts from my review since other than
this complaint, I am very pleased. Recommend with caution - you may need to
modify the hanging mechanisms.
closet shoe organizer

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